Iran is on the clock. We have passed the deadline for a nuclear agreement.

Even though we have no deal, to listen to right wing conservatives we have caved in and any deal would be a bad deal. Not so fast. Peace is at stake. Iran might be making outlandish last minute demands such as an end to the arms embargo, but these type of tactics should be expected.

If one recalls the negotiations for peace with England after our little revolution, Ben Franklin demanded Canada and England demanded that we pay for reparations to the thousands of loyalists who lost everything in supporting the losing side. Neither one of those demands were part of the final Peace agreement.

War or Peace is our choice with Iran. We will not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. We have new bunker busting bombs that Iran should know about. It is to their interests that peace is obtained. It is to their economic interest.

The United States has much to gain in the expressed willingness of Iran to help regarding ISIS.

We all have a lot to lose if the negotiations fail. The only winners would be the war making industry.  We should keep quiet and let the negotiators negotiate. Give Peace a chance!


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