Over the weekend a rather shocking essay occurred on VOX . While the rest of us were celebrating American Independence from England day, a Dylan Matthews wrote a very curious essay stating that there were 3 reasons why we should never have sought our independence from England. At best the essay should make us remember and appreciate why it was a great idea to be independent from England. At worst it was an essay completely lacking in historical sensibilities. Instead of regretting our decision, we should consider Jefferson’s admonition about needing a revolution on occasion as a timely question for today. Does America need a new revolution?  Is it time for that revolution? Yes, it is!!!!!!

First let us deal with the very curious notions of Mr. Dylan Matthews. Before a shot was fired at Lexington and Concord, a revolution had already taken place on America’s shores. Having been left alone, with thousands of ocean miles separating America from England, we had already gotten used to the idea that we could self govern our own affairs. Americans thought that as Englishmen we had rights protected and guaranteed to ourselves by the English Constitution.

England brought slavery to America. England by being an empire not only brought slavery they brought with each part of their empire the exploitation of the native peoples. So no, the genocide for economic gain would not have been less severe if we had maintained our relationship with England. There was an inevitability to the exploitation of the native peoples of America. The incoming immigrants from Europe came from a different civilization and a different culture. The newcomers needed land and the native peoples had a completely different view of the importance of land and property. There was a collision of cultures. It doesn’t excuse the genocide that took place. But for the writer on VOX, he should know that staying part of England would not have prevented the missionary zeal of the newcomers nor would it have abated the thirst for land and then more land for the new settlers.

It is easy to see how any person with today’s dysfunctional government might wish to have a parliamentary system of government. But hold on a minute, we can not look at our system of government and blame it, when it is the people who are representing we the people who are failing the system, not the other way around. This is the 21st Century, where money runs most of our politicians, and partisanship towers over what is in the national interest. But I would not for a moment trade what we have for what existed in 1776.

In the 1770’s, Americans had King George and his intolerable acts. Royalty and all of the lords and ladies associated with the aristocracy of that time and place, ruled over the likes of we the people. One would be foolish to be willing to  trade self-government for a King or Queen.

Thomas Jefferson listed all of the offenses against his fellow countrymen in His Declaration of Independence from England. We tried conciliation. The Galloway Compromise was even presented at a Continental Congress to see if a commonwealth status could be obtained.

But no, King George and his henchmen, Lord North among others would have no compromise nor conciliation. The King left us with no choice but to fight for our independence.

We had allies in our efforts to preserve our rights as Englishmen. Edmund Burke’s famous speech, given in the House of Commons on March 22, 1775, used to be required reading now we are lucky if anyone has heard of Edmund Burke. He Plead for Conciliation with the Colonies, needs to be re-read if one wants a fuller understanding of the controversy leading up to our Revolution. You will find it either in Corbett, Parliamentary History of England or an easier source is THE SPIRIT OF ‘SEVENTY-SIX,  pages 233-238.

Thomas Jefferson in a letter to James Madison on January 30, 1787, said, ” A Little Rebellion now and than is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical……It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

With Congressional approval in the toilet and the influence of money on our representatives being increasingly a corrupting influence, now is the time for a Little Rebellion.

Although the media may be dismissive of the crowds attending the rallies for Senator Bernie Sanders, all you have to do is look at who is attending these political rallies to realize that something is happening here. These times are a changing. People are tired of politics as usual. The people know the game is rigged against average Americans. They know the middle class is in trouble.

If Thomas Jefferson and Tom Paine were alive today, they would excoriating our new aristocracy.  Can you imagine the condemnation of the founders regarding the notion that corporations are people, imbued with the same rights as we the people? We might not have a King or Queen or a dictator, but we do have money corrupting some of our politicians. We long for straight talk and someone honest enough to tell it like it is.

Tom Paine gave us the Pamphlet,” Common Sense,” and today we still long for common sense. It is time to recommit ourselves to a new era of freedom. Free from the oppression of Wall Street and the Billionaires who only see power as an instrument of maintaining their power. They seek to maintain and increase their wealth and power to the detriment of we the people. We need to Declare our Independence from partisanship and so-called public servants who feed at the trough of the public good, for their own well being.

Repeal Citizens United and take back your country. Overturning Citizens United is just one of the steps necessary to return power back to the people where it belongs. We need to reform our banking system and we need to make structural changes to prevent future financial crashes and to insure that our system of government is accountable to we the people, not we the oligarchs. A renewed birth of freedom is what we need. Join the revolution!


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