Back in January when the Republicans had their conservative confab, each potential presidential candidate attempted to be the most anti-immigrant candidate. Now that we have reached July, we now have the King of the anti-immigrant candidates, Donald Trump.

When all else fails blame every problem we have on our undocumented immigrants. If it is rape, blame it on the brown people. If it is crime blame it on the brown people. If it is the issue of jobs, blame it on the immigrant for taking away jobs from Americans. Now, other candidates are trying to outdo the Donald by asking that no new immigrants be allowed to come into the country. Well, maybe Western Europeans! This political mantra that we are hearing from the majority of the Republican hopefuls is reminds one of the 19th Century equivalent, the Know Nothing Party, when only WASP’S were welcome.

Trump has doubled down on fear. He wants a wall between Mexico and America. Never mind the fact we have a border with Canada. Does anyone really believe that a wall will keep out people who are desperate? What about these tunnels we hear about? Back in the day, one might think he is itching for a war with Mexico his language is so strident and insulting. And this is a man who would be President?

Republicans should beware of what they sow. Whites are now the minority in 3 states, California, New Mexico and Hawaii with more to come.

The Know Nothings disappeared along with the Whigs and the Federalists. If the Republicans don’t watch out, their doubling down on fear will insure that Republicans disappear. You could very well see two parties emerge from the continuing fiasco, a Wall Street Party and a cultural conservative political party. Republicans instead of having a candidate attempting to be more reflective of the average voter, they are fighting among each other to see who can out do the other in extremism. Even their alleged Wall Street candidate Jeb Bush talked about how Americans need to work more hours. The American worker already works more hours than other countries. Talk about out of touch!!!!


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