Donald Trump for President! Who would have thunk it? The bombastic king of the Corporate world is riding high in the polls for the Republican nomination. You might be asking how is this possible? Of course it is very early, but his standing in the polls indicates that Houston we have a problem. The Republican Party has a problem. His ego might be so inflated that regardless of what happens in the political process THE DONALD may run as a third party candidate.

Have we reached the stage in American politics that only the loudest and most vulgar get noticed? Is his rise to these political heights a reflection of the state of American culture?

He is turning out to be the Don Rickles of candidates, the more he insults people the higher he rises in the polls. To take a momentary bow to John McEnroe, you can’t be serious.

Being President is a serious job. It requires knowledge, knowledge on how our government works and knowledge of the world. Being President requires a certain level of gravitas if a President is to leave a positive legacy for we the people. After all, we perhaps expect too much from a new President. Our expectations are that the candidate has a vision for America’s future.

If the people who are angry out there are the ones who are finding THE DONALD, someone to vent their anger with, by supporting him, that at least makes some sense. But to expect this man to be ready for prime time is a joke.

I bid one no trump and frankly Scarlet, I have a losing hand.


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