In a remarkable turn of events, each and every Republican candidate for President of the United States is against a negotiated agreement with Iran regarding their future development of nuclear weapons. Republicans would have you believe that the wool has been pulled over the eyes of not only President Obama and the United States but also Great Britain, France, China and Russia.

As usual Republicans support sanctions and the inevitable need so they say, that Iran needs to have their potential weapons removed by force. Sanctions have indeed put the economy of Iran in a tight spot, but somehow Republicans believe that if only sanctions were continued Iran would just capitulate.

Bibi Netanyahu and the government of Israel stand alone in opposition to peace, after all Bibi has used the boogeymen of Iran as his political foil to ratchet up fear for over 20 years so that his political career would reach it’s zenith. Gee, if peace was at hand, Bibi just might have to try to solve Israel’s domestic problems.

In the Republican effort to gain Jewish votes, they are falling all over themselves in mock shock at how awful peace will be for Israel. Republicans are now the official spokesmen for Bibi Netanyahu. He might even be a shadow candidate for their party’s nomination, after all everyone else is a candidate.

The Pope is in shock! He can not believe that the Party of God and guns, the Republican Party has forgotten Jesus’s lessons about plowshares and how important peace is.

The truth is coming out this summer, the summer of 2015. Whatever the President is for, Republicans are against.

Also in the news is the fact that the war on Texas is over. All that the President got out of the invasion was this awful T-shirt. Texas can get back to disaster mode, now, because of the 40 days and 40 nights of rain continues.

In all seriousness, the knee-jerk reaction to anything this President does needs to end. Never in the history of the United States has a political party not celebrated the successes of a President. The Republican Party is way over the top in their partisan bickering and their negative reactions to every thing positive that has happened on President Obama’s watch for the last 6 years. We need to give peace a chance. Seeking peace should be the goal of every American. We are as a nation tired of sending our young men and women in harms way on some foreign shore far away from home. If Republicans are so fired up in their belief that war is the only answer to our problems the line forms on the right for all of those who would like to volunteer to be the first ones onshore for the next war. They must feel safe sitting at home while our courageous men and women are at risk. Give peace a chance! War needs to be the final option.


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