Governor John Kasich for President

Today saw one more candidate added to the ever lengthening list of want to be’s. This time we can not add Governor Kasich to the clown bus. He is a serious candidate. By any standard John Kasich has been a successful governor of a major state, a swing state that is necessary for any Republican to win the Presidency. He won re-election by a landslide.

His announcement and candidacy might be late in the day when it comes to becoming part of the crowded field at the first debate to be held on Fox, but this is a marathon and not a sprint. We are not at a time that is critical regarding the campaign. This is not the summer when the Republican convention takes place. We are a year and a half away from the election and a year away from the convention.

John Kasich has the best resume of the group of candidates vying for the nomination of the Republican Party. In contrast to his competition he can walk, talk and chew gum at the same time. His Congressional days saw him be the Chair of the House Budget Committee, which is no small feat.

The Governor is more of a traditional Republican than his fellow candidates which to my mind is an advantage. He is the only candidate on the Republican side that I will not have any nightmares about. Kasich understands governance. Outside of Senator Graham of South Carolina he is the only candidate not wet behind his ears. He is not lacking in the understanding of how government works. To be honest the vast array of candidates who are competing for the honor of representing a major party in the 2016 Presidential election have no clue, no understanding of the complexities of what it takes to be President of the United States.

Kasich is a financial conservative with a heart, a brain and the courage to back it up in the State House in Ohio.

He is not some mealy mouthed, weak kneed candidate who will stand silent while the demagogue Trump, trumpets his nonsense. He will not be like Cousin Jeb, who failed to have the courage to stand tall and immediately defend his wife when she was insulted.

The question on the table is whether or not there are any rationale people left in the Republican Party? If there are still sane people who vote in the Republican Party they finally have a man, a candidate that actually meets the standards of what a future President must have when the chips are down and a crisis emerges. The office of President is not like being a real estate baron, or a shill for the Koch Brothers, or a pale comparison of his father, Herbert Walker Bush. The office of President in a time of turmoil is too important, too large of a task to leave to amateurs. There are too many wanna be Presidents who lack the strength of character and personal makeup and skill in the Republican field that is required of any President.

Welcome to the race to the White House John Kasich!


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