I don’t know about you but I found the Republican debate disappointing. The American Middle Class is having a hard time and instead of talking about making the lives of the American people better what did the moderators focus on in their questions? The answer is wedge issues.

I know that abortion is an emotional issue for some people but really, will that help pay the bills and fix what is broken in our infrastructure? No!!!!

We can argue about abortion til the cows come home and longer than that and we are not going to change the minds and hearts of people on this issue. The only interesting aspect of the debate on abortion was how extreme Governor Scott Walker was on the topic.

Here we have the Republican Party undertaking a debate to see who they want as their nominee, and here we have Walker taking a position that I thought was dealt with and decided long ago. Governor Walker does not want any exceptions to allowing abortions. If the expectant mother was raped or got pregnant as a result of the rape or act of incest he does not care how much pain their pregnancy will cause the victim of a violent act.

He even went further and said that even if the life of the mother is on the line, that’s too bad, no exceptions.

For a political party that claims to be against government interference, this is the ultimate act of government interference to tell a family that their wife, mother, or sister, that their relative has to die is unfathomable. It is none of the government’s business. Talk about family values! It is the height of gall to claim control over a women’s body and life. Those who claim to speak for God, get a clue, you are not God. A life, a real eating, breathing, talking human being is to be told that she must die for the sake of an unborn child, or a fetus is a remarkable act of hubris. A decision between potential life and a living person are and should be between a woman, and her doctor and her God. It is not anyone else’s responsibility other than those involved directly in the decision.

What was shocking was that no one on that stage on the 6th of August had the courage to stand up for a woman or family who might be faced with a life shattering decision and say enough. It is no ones damn business other than a person, a human being who has either been subjected to the horrible act of a rape an act of incest or to have the life of the mother at risk. Government has no business being involved in such a personal decision.


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