Mark down this date in your diary, August 11, 2015, Donald Trump is far and away the leader of the pack, of the Republican hopefuls to be the nominee for President of the United States.

Somethings change and other things remain the same. This is not the first time that America has been enamored by the rich and famous. In spite of the fact that Americans rebelled against the aristocracy of England, from the beginnings of our country’s history we have seen the wealthy class show disdain for the masses, and want one of their own to lead the country.

Jefferson’s idea of a Utopia of a land of small farms did not last long. The Embargo Act of 1807 and with it the protective tariff set our manufacturing base on firm ground from that point forward. Agricultural life still remained an integral part of our way of life but Manufacturing became an engine of growth that moved America forward. With that growth came the powerful influence of banks and speculators.

The fear of giving the power of the vote to anyone who did not own property lasted for a long time. Alexander Hamilton was a powerful exponent of the idea that only the wisdom of the wealthy class was suitable for a Republic to remain healthy. He believed that social stability could only exist if there was an alliance between government and business. He along with many others were highly doubtful of allowing the rest of us, the unwashed masses to have a say in who would represent them in our government. The Federalist Party represented this idea that only the wealthy, knew what was best.

As you move forward in American history this common strain of political thought has been a constant. The Robber Baron era and the Roaring Twenties were other eras where the very wealthiest of us held the political power.

Since the Reagan so-called Revolution we have seen more and more power reside in the top 1 to 2% of the American people. The percent of financial wealth held by the few is astounding.

Now we have THE DONALD, Donald Trump who has as his campaign theme “Let’s make America great, again.” At a time when Princeton University has said we no longer have a Democracy that we have a Oligarchy, we have Donald Trump, the ultimate example of the top 1%. He is a man for his time. He is a billionaire, he talks to billionaires, he knows billionaires and he knows the power of money and how the wealthiest among us got to where they are.

This campaign is like the ultimate reality show, so why not have a man like Trump be President? He knows what it takes to be great and powerful. He can and does call others like him, Carl Icahn for example, to enlist his help in showing how we should negotiate with others like Japan and of course China. We want someone to make sure we win when we negotiate.

This is a time when many white men who are getting progressively more angry because, well, things are not the way they used to be, and they don’t like it. They have gotten it into their collective  heads that only someone who disdains politics should lead the nation. They want to hand over the keys to the White House to Donald Trump because he is just one of us seems to be the feeling among many voters today. He is not one of us, but in your heart of hearts many want to be like him to have the power that he has, to say you’re fired.

THE DONALD, just makes things appear to be so easy. Just put him in charge and we will be great, again. His candidacy ties into the belief of many Americans in the idea of American Exceptionalism. They believe that God put us here to be great and to lead the world.

My fellow citizens the world is not that simple to deal with, life has changed and some of us don’t like the changes and want to return to a more simple day. Well, good luck with that one! Change and death are the only two constants that we have.

We shall see if America wakes up from this dream or turns the dream into a nightmare by having the King of the Oligarchs once and for all end our Republic by becoming the Oligarch in Chief.


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