2015 promises to be a year where a crop of rookie running backs makes an impact on the NFL. It is also the year that Adrian Peterson returns.

We all know about J. Charles of Kansas City, M. Lynch of Seattle, L. Bell of the Steelers, DeMarcus Murray of the Eagles, Matt Forte of the Bears and LeSean McCoy of Buffalo but it will be the new kids in town that will provide the owners of fantasy football teams with new thrills.

Melvin Gordon of the San Diego Chargers is the first name to come to mind. His skill promises to provide Philip Rivers with the help he needs.

When Todd Gurley is ready and recovered from his college ACL injury, he may very well be the best back to come into the NFL for some time. The Rams eagerly await his healthy recovery. If the Rams offensive line can do the job, Gurley will help the offense a great deal and make the Rams a contender for the playoffs.

Other rookies of note are T.J. Yeldon of the Jaguars, Tevin Coleman of the Atlanta Falcons, Duke Johnson of the Browns and Ameer Abdullah of the Lions. Abdullah might be more of a risk because of his lack of size, but time will tell.

The biggest question mark is the running back situation with the Cowboys. Joseph Randle may get the chance to see if he can replace Murray. They have a fine offensive line but it will be a challenge to replace the leading rusher of the league as he moved on to their division rival, the Eagles.

Another question is how will second year running backs like a favorite of mine, Jeremy Hill do? Will the Raiders be more of an offensive threat with Latavius Murray?

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some football how about you?


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