When you are drafting this years wide receivers it may be helpful to put them in tiers. The first tier being one whereby the team owner would want at least one of the top tier if the owner does not want to be left out. Be careful in calculating where you draft next and who is left to draft from the top tier. Sometimes you have to reach or draft someone early if your next pick is 18 picks away, for example, or else you will be out of luck.

This years top tier is the following:

Antonio Brown

Calvin Johnson

Dez Bryant

DeMaryuis Thomas

Julio Jones

Odell Beckham

Jordy Nelson

A.J. Green

Randall Cobb

Close to the top tier are Alshon Jeffery and T.Y. Hilton.

This season has some fine rookie prospects such as Amari Cooper, Nelson Agholor, Breshad Perriman and Jarvis Landry, who are skilled receivers who may very well become fine fantasy football players. There are others as well such as Davante Parker.

This year promises to be an exciting season. Good luck on your draft and keep your eye out for waiver wire pickups especially from this years rookies, once they gain some experience and gain a measure of confidence working with their quarterback.


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