For over twenty years now the Republican Party has been on a witch hunt, determined to destroy the reputation of the former First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Frankly, I am sick and tired of it. It’s time to stop the character assassination. Politics should be about policy disagreements not personality or continual attacks on a person’s character.

I can not remember another example of where a First Lady has had to undergo such an orchestrated and lengthy attack except for what Eleanor Roosevelt had to endure. Maybe, just maybe Republicans don’t like strong women.

Men have not done well by the world for centuries. There have been too many wars and there is too much poverty. It is time that a woman be given a chance to lead our nation and who knows maybe women would make the world a better place.

Sure, character is an important ingredient in assessing the worthiness of any person who seeks public office and in particular the office of President of the United States. After many investigations, and the expenditure of millions and millions of dollars of the tax payers money, Republicans, still have not found any evidence sufficient to bring an indictment against the former First Lady, Senator from New York and former Secretary of State on the myriad of fake controversies that they have worked like hell to drum up against Hillary Clinton.

The two latest so-called controversies are really lame. Hillary is being pilloried in the press about having a personal e-mail account while Secretary of State and she has been accused of sending classified documents, illegally through her personal e-mail account. The problem with these accusations is what a spokesperson for the State Department said on August 26, 2015. It was not against State Department policy to use a personal e-mail account. The policy has subsequently changed but no one should be accused of breaking the rules when the rules say otherwise. For Republicans, it makes no difference what the law is regarding this alleged email scandal. The law states that as part of the crime one has to establish the requisite intent to pass along secrets in a way where the data would be given to someone who did not have the required security clearance. Then there is the mere fact that the data that was included in the email had to have been known to be classified at that time and place. None of these legal standards were met, and therefore the FBI did not choose to indict the former Secretary of State.

Then there is the so-called controversy regarding the tragic deaths at the consulate in Libya, when our ambassador, Stevens and others were murdered by terrorists. For an 8th time a Congressional Committee is investigating the horrible events that led to the death of the Americans in Benghazi. Let us place the blame where it belongs. They were murdered by terrorists. They are to blame no one else. The fact is that there is no Marine security detail at Consulates. One detail of this tragedy is passed over as if it did not matter. The failure of not having adequate security falls on the lap of those Republicans in office at the time, who failed to pass a budget that included that requested security for these type of situations. With the 8th investigation going on, one would think that there was a vendetta going on against former Secretary Clinton. If there was anything there, there, they would have found it by now. They are just wasting our money on a witch hunt.

Their must be some kind of right wing conspiracy to diminish or frankly to destroy the reputation of Hillary Clinton, because how else can you explain a 22 year vendetta, with White Water, Travelgate and other trumped up controversies in the news. The most outrageous of all of the made up controversies was the lame idea that Hillary Clinton had something to do with the death of Vince Foster. His death was a tragedy, due to his suicide.

Kenneth Starr spent millions and millions of taxpayer money to try to indict the Clinton’s, but instead of being able to bring an indictment forward, the Clinton’s were exonerated. It has been said that if a case goes before a Grand Jury, you could indict a ham sandwich. But no matter, no legal basis was found to bring a case before a jury or a judge, in the alleged transgressions of Hillary Clinton. Enough is Enough!!!!

Like the birthers, the Hillary haters just keep going and going and going. What a waste of time and money. It must be a woman thing. White males in the Southern dominated Republican Party have a problem with women. They think that women just do not know their place. These Republican sexists of old, believe that women should be at home, in the kitchen or barefoot and pregnant. They believe that women are inferior to men in every way. They feel threatened by women who are strong and who are intelligent and who are more successful than men. Well, I’ve got news for Republicans who are white and male, we are in a new era, where women have every right to break every glass ceiling, even the Presidency of the United States. More women vote than men, so good luck with your war on women. Republicans risk becoming extinct as a political force in our country, because they ignore the rights of others, who are not white and not men.

The American people grow weary of the incessant noise machine grinding out more whispers about Hillary Clinton. If a candidate can not win on the strength of their arguments, then at least lose gracefully instead of stooping and lowering yourself into a reckless diatribe of hate and anger. We should be talking about how to make our government work for all of us. We diminish ourselves and our future as a country if we continue to have this juvenile, National Enquirer mentality, about our leaders. What is more important is competence and discussing the issues of the day, and the candidates plans on how they plan to make our country work, once again. Let us have an election that is determined by which political party has the best ideas, not the best comb over or other ridiculous nonsense. Our problems are too great to fail to address them. It is time to end the witch hunt and elect the person with the best ideas and end the politics of personal destruction.


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