A couple on several occasions went to City Hall in Kentucky, seeking a marriage license. Each time they were refused a license by an alleged public servant, Kim Davis. Yesterday, a federal judge, Judge Bunning, by all accounts a conservative judge, sent Kim Davis to jail for having refused to obey the law of the land, marriage equality. Davis, an elected County Clerk, of Rowan County, Kentucky had refused to grant the couple a marriage license because they were gay. As a public servant, you as a servant of the people have agreed by accepting your duties and responsibilities to serve all of the people not just some of them. In doing so and in swearing an oath to do your duty you have promised to follow the laws of the State of Kentucky and to follow and obey the laws of the United States of America.

We all can appreciate a person and their personal beliefs when they act on their beliefs on an individual basis. But when you choose to be a public servant you can not pick and choose which law to obey. Our laws would be meaningless, if a person elected to a position of public trust is allowed to disobey a law. This is why Judge Bunning had no choice but to send her to jail after she refused to change her behavior.

Justice Scalia, from our United States Supreme Court, chimed in and said that if she had a problem with the law based upon her beliefs and her conscience she should have resigned her position if she could not obey the law. No one would ever claim that Justice Scalia was a liberal but he along with the other Justices on our Supreme Court are our final arbiters of what is legal or not under the Constitution. There would be no respect for any law if law breaking was not punished.

We now have a candidate for President, former Governor Mike Huckabee, who is encouraging this kind of lawbreaking as exhibited by Kim Davis of Kentucky. He believes that Biblical law trumps our Constitution. His stance has clearly disqualified him to be President of the United States. Perhaps he is attempting to draw attention to his campaign for President of the United States, but this is the wrong way to do it. Maybe he has forgotten the solemn oath that a person takes when he is elected President.

The following January after a Presidential election, an elected stands before the country and takes part in a ceremony to where that person swears an oath on a Bible to faithfully follow the Constitution of the United States. A person elected President like Kim Davis does not get to choose which laws of the land to faithfully execute, he is sworn to obey all of them. Our Constitution is our Bible as a nation, it is the law of the land.

Our forefathers, devised a new system of government by which our government was divided into 3 parts, one the Executive Branch, two the Legislative Branch and three, our Judiciary. Each was to have equal power with certain expressed and implied powers, to be a check and a balance upon the other branch of government.

Our Supreme Court was chosen to interpret the Constitution. It is only our court system that determines what is legal under the law. We would have anarchy if our laws were not faithfully executed and obeyed. Our system of government provides a way to overturn any law that our Supreme Court has decided upon if enough of our citizens disagree with the decision. That process which our founding gentlemen provided for, is the amendment process. Our Constitution is quite clear on how and what we as a people are required to do to overturn a law of the land or to add rights to the Constitution.

Our civil society would no longer be civil if the Kim Davis’s or Mike Huckabee’s of the world were allowed to disobey the law or encourage others to do so. A court calls the behavior of such individuals CONTEMPT OF COURT. The language is clear, and Kim Davis and her actions were quite clear in her contempt for the law, the law being marriage equality.

Mr. Huckabees statements regarding the law and the alleged power of a state to have its own law different and separate from federal law is just plain wrong and dangerous if it’s failed logic were allowed to go to its logical conclusion.

Our Equal Protection Clause under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution is the law for every American. It is federal law guaranteeing that each person, each citizen of the United States is guaranteed the protection of the law no matter what.

If states were allowed to have superior laws to federal law we would no longer be safeguarded to have Due Process of law, and we would no longer have a nation. We would have 50 nations. Men have died to ensure that we have and keep a nation, the United States of America, not the disunited states of America but the United States, where we respect the law of the land. Laws are meant to be obeyed. If you do not like a particular law change it if you can get enough people to agree with you. Judge Bunning in sending Wendy Davis to jail reaffirmed to her and to each of us the importance of obeying the law and how if you have contempt for any law you go to jail.


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