In politics the most important attributes a candidate can have is if you are liked and if you are trusted. Vice President Biden has that in spades, he is liked by everyone as a person and he is trusted. People know him, he has been around now for a long time. He is like your favorite Uncle. He now faces a difficult choice whether to run for President or not.

Democrats seem to be calling for a Biden candidacy. Without being a declared candidate and having spent no time on the campaign trail he has in 1 week caught and passed Bernie Sanders in a National Poll. Joe Biden’s improvement in the polls comes at Hillary Clinton’s expense. She was at 52% among Democrats and now she is at 42%.

Democrats are understandably worried. Hillary’s campaign is not capturing the imagination nor the passion of Democrats. The email controversy hovers above her candidacy like an albatross. What is most important is that her campaign is suffering from the same basic problem that Hillary suffered from in 2008, she is not warm and fuzzy. She may be engaging in private but she lacks warmth in front of large crowds. This criticism of her lack of an engaging personality might seem petty, but voters want to like you and trust you with their votes. It does not matter if you have the best position on the issues if you are not the most liked among the candidates and the least trusted. Democrats want to win!

Vice President Joe Biden does not suffer from the same problems that his potential opponent, Hillary Clinton, suffers from. He brings passion to whatever he does. He is one of us, and people know that. He is still that candidate who connects with voters in a very personal way. The former Senator did not become wealthy like the rest of his colleagues in the Senate. He was always Joe, a person who continued to take the train in from his modest home in Delaware to his office.

The nation mourned with him as he faced another family tragedy when his beloved son died way too young. Now, Vice President Biden faces a difficult choice on whether to run for President or not. His depth of despair and his family’s mourning make his decision really difficult. It would appear that many Democrats eagerly await his candidacy. He has the experience and the know how to be an excellent President.

Democrats would have a most welcomed challenge to choose the best candidate among the 3, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Saunders and Joe Biden. Let the race to the White House begin anew with the very solemn duty of choosing who will to be our leader and hopefully the next President of the United States.

Run Joe Run, it is Biden Time!


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