Have you ever felt like the character in the movie Network, where you just want to scream and say I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore? Well, that is how I feel about the Media, the Press, as I watch them manipulate the campaign for President of the United States. They have trivialized our political process, in order to fill air time in our 24 hour news cycle.

First, they have basically forced candidates into declaring their intent to run for President early, much earlier than anytime in our history. Democracy is suffering in the process. Are you enjoying the National Enquirer mentality of the coverage? The coverage is totally vapid, without substance.

We are all living in a very dangerous world. We are as citizens quite aware of the fact that there are very serious issues that we need to have a national discussion about. Most Americans are not happy with the direction of the country and we are not happy at all with the lack of results in Washington, D.C.

So what are we getting from the Press, historically known as the 4th Estate? Journalists have a responsibility to inform we the people about what is news and news worthy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow citizens, there is nothing news worthy about the press following, THE DONALD,  around like lap dogs, giving him all the air time to the detriment of the other candidates from both political parties.

The Press has created this self described phenomenon, this dog and pony show. Donald Trump for President! Who are we kidding? I have listened to his speeches and news conferences. I am still waiting to hear him say something anything of substance. He says a lot about how great he is. He gives brief cursory statements as to how he is going to fix everything. He doesn’t say how, but the press sit in amazement covering his every syllable.

The Press has made a mockery out of a very serious matter, who will be the next President of the United States! During our history there have been moments in our presidential campaigns of major import. We have seen and heard the soaring rhetoric of major speeches during difficult times during our history. One gets the impression that the Media is being taken advantage of by the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump does not deserve the fawning adoration nor the coverage of the Press, as they wait for him to say one more insult. If they are waiting for his collapse, it won’t happen. Like an old saying from Press agents for Movie Stars, publicity whether it is bad news or good news is good publicity. It keeps your name in the news. So here we have Donald Trump on the insult of the day, campaign tour. The Press is eating it up. Their collective egos probably believe that if they can build you up, and create you, they can destroy you.

Let’s consider for one moment what he has been saying. He made Fox News look ridiculous as they clearly had the intent of destroying his candidacy during the first debate. But here you have a man who does not care what he says. So he just attacked the questioner. He insulted Carly Fiorina’s looks, and because her name was in the news, her poll numbers got better. He insults Mexicans. He belittles the ability of everyone, and extols his own virtues. He’s a builder! So what?

Trump understands how the public dislikes the Media, the Press, so he is attacking the people who have made his campaign by ignoring the other candidates. He dismisses other candidates by saying they are either boring or stupid or incompetent. All the while the important questions we should be asking go unasked and unanswered.

But at least the Press, the Media has sold a lot of print and gotten a lot of viewers as we continue to watch and listen to the most inane, vapid campaign in the history of our country. But don’t worry America, Trump will fix everything, so don’t worry. Where are all the facts on how much all of this will cost the American Tax Payer? I am so sick of his 5th grade level campaign. His responses in interviews are that you are either great people or that his critics or rivals are stupid, or losers or totally incompetent. These are not answers to our problems. Has our self esteem gotten so low, or has our lack of class and morality sunk so far that we could actually elect Donald Trump? Maybe what we want is  a new reality show. This reality show would be the Trump Presidency. It might get tremendous ratings, you know just fabulous, it will be the highest rated show on television, but we will be the laughing stock of the world. The American People will be the loser. And this has been brought to you by the American Media, the Corporate Press.

Personally, my wish is that he is the nominee of the Republican Party. They have brought it upon themselves by being the Party of No, the party of no compromise and no pragmatism. My most heartfelt thought and wish is that we give him the ultimate honor of being fired before his is hired.

If the Media has their way, the election of Donald Trump would be the ultimate story. My fervent hope is that the sanity of the American people will prevail.


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