The 2016 campaign for President has the media in a state of confusion. They do not know what to make of Donald Trump, candidate for President of the United States. He has been made out to be a buffoon, a caricature. But underneath the comb over is a serious candidate, a 21st Century Hamiltonian.

Since we are centuries away from the influence and time of Alexander Hamilton it would be wise to take a moment or two out to review a bit of history. First it was Thomas Jefferson who gave birth to a new age of industrialism in America with the Embargo of 1807. Then Alexander Hamilton gave the new industrialism a political philosophy, Federalism.

Hamilton grew to believe that in order for their to be social stability there needed to be an alliance between government and business. “No Society,” could be successful, ” which did not unite the interest and credit of rich individuals with those of the state.” Hamilton gave the new political party its political foundation and Henry Clay gave it. it’s orations. Hamilton believed that society was governed best by a aristocracy, and greatly mistrusted the unwashed masses. He and others continued to support the idea that only the propertied class should vote. Daniel Webster another Federalist, defined it even better, by saying, ” Power naturally and necessarily follows property.” The Supreme Court and religion continued to buttress the Federalist argument about the power of the propertied class and the necessity of having power reside with the wealthy.

If you move forward to 2015, the question is whether or not things have changed at all. Do we not have a firmly entrenched aristocracy of the top 1 to 2% of the population controlling and influencing what the government does. Is there not a union between government and the wealthy, that in essence runs our country, like it or not.

Therefore isn’t Donald Trump the ultimate insider, who seeks to run the government. He and his buddies will make things work, we will be great, again. We will make so much money and make so much profit we won’t believe it.

Republicans today, support the law and religion. These two twins, identify the deepest desires and wants of man, stability rather than change, and religious salvation rather than rational thinking and the use of science and the mind of man. Republicans support the law and the Federalist Society men who man the court when they reach decisions that validate and reinforce the power of business. State’s Rights is their creed in the 21st Century. It is used to guarantee that the Federal government’s power to regulate and restrict the power of the wealthy is diminished.

Donald Trump is the perfect vehicle by which a political order of stability for the wealthy can be entrenched. So no, he is not a buffoon, but rather Donald Trump is a crafty manipulator of the Press to further ingratiate himself with the hard core supporters of the status quo. He continually validates his credentials as an outsider by verbally assaulting any other candidate who is deemed to be a threat to his goal. He is a worthy inheritor of the being a Hamiltonian Federalist, inheriting the creed that only the wealthy aristocracy is worthy of governing. Why because they know what is best for themselves and thereby what is best for you. The sad fact is that the unwashed masses who really can not be trusted to self govern are the ones being used to vote against their own self interest.



  1. This might seem off topic, but I have to ask the dangerous and disturbing question, does any of this matter when the voting is rigged? I point you to an excellent and disturbing article here: Sorry about the length of the link. You can also get there by going to and clicking on the second news item on the left beginning with “computerized vote counting.”

    Chris Hays

    • Yes, computerized counting is one of our voting concerns along with gerrymandering, and the concerted effort on the part of Republicans to deny people the ability to vote. All they want is to win and they don’t care how they cheat or how they defy the Constitution. Our duty is to be the canary in the coal mine and the loud voices of those who insist on everyone sharing in the right to vote and the very important point of having your vote be counted as you wished it be counted. Thank you for your efforts to sound the alarm bell that this is an issue to be concerned about and dealt with.

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