As a result of an amazing admission by Speaker candidate, Kevin McCarthy, that the current and 8th investigation of the tragedy at Benghazi is nothing but a political act, intended to harm Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President, new life and energy has been instilled in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The campaign used the admission and ran with it. She hammered away at the unfairness and the utter shameful behavior of those who seek to make political hay out of what was the tragic loss of American life.

Hillary Clinton speaking with emotion and righteous indignation, took the Republicans to task. Mrs. Clinton knew the Ambassador to Libya personally. She rightfully made the argument this weekend that any further investigation into the tragedy that was Benghazi has no place in politics.

No one made the huge loss of lives in the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon a political issue. We properly mourned the loss of the marines and went about looking for those who were responsible. President Reagan was warned about the danger but did nothing.

Also in a public forum Hillary Clinton introduced a women who had lost a child to gun violence. As a Mother, Hillary clearly related in an emotional way to the Mother’s loss of her child. Her impassioned plea that something needs to be done about gun violence resonated with her audience. Her emotion was genuine and we should all want something to be done to reduce the deaths of so many innocents.

Her outspoken feelings about the two issues of gun violence and the political nature of the attacks on her have given her campaign new energy and life.  Her appearance on SNL  didn’t hurt her either. This has been the best week of her campaign. The doubts that existed regarding the emails will be replaced in the campaign by the feeling that Hillary Clinton has been treated unfairly. She will be tough to beat.

The first Democratic debate is coming up soon, on the 13th of October. We shall see if that has any impact on the campaign for President. The campaign is heating up! Remember the road to the White House is a long one.


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