Today, Kevin McCarthy. Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives dropped out of the race for Speaker. In a surprise move, Congressman McCarthy’s move has left the House in disarray. In response to the announcement, the current Speaker, John Boehner, has decided to stay on until his caucus can agree on a replacement.

I am not surprised that McCarthy was unable to garner the 218 votes necessary to win the race to be Speaker. In a fit of pique, the far right cabal of 40 to 50 members demand their pound of flesh in return for their votes for Speaker. It seems clear that only a person of their political stripe and extremism can garner their votes and support.

There are several right wingers who have announced themselves to be a candidate for Speaker of the House, Jason Chafffetz of Utah, Scalise of Louisiana, and Daniel Webster of Florida. Others may put their name in the hat, such as Tom Price of Georgia and Patrick McKenry of North Carolina. The preferred candidate of many on the far right is the chair of the Benghazi Committee, Trey Gowdy but many believe he wants to return to South Carolina.

Even though the Republican Party has the biggest majority that they have had since the 1920’s, they have not shown any ability or willingness to govern.

As the saying goes we are on the clock. November 5th is the first deadline and that is when the Treasury will no longer be able to borrow money to pay for things. Secondly, the stop gap spending bill will expire and the government will be forced to close down.

For those of the far right who are at war with their government, they will have to decide by those dates whether their intent is to perform their duties as they have sworn to do or to face the consequences of their failure to act.

My fear is that not only can you not fix stupid, we have no control over a group who is quite clearly crazy. They do not know or understand our history. Reason and science are too be feared is their mantra. Extremism and a belief in a certain ideology and dogma is their calling card. The victims of this crazed form of group think is our way of life and our liberty.

Again, we are entering into government by a crisis form of management. Will we come out the other side okay, or will the crazies succeed where no foreign nor domestic power has succeeded to do, bring down our government and our form of governance? Our Republic is on critical condition, while we wait for the Republican Party to choose a leader. The magic question is whether they will be able to do that? Their problem is not a problem brought on by the Democratic Party, this is being brought about by their own circular firing squad. They seem determined to destroy what our founders worked so hard to bring about, a Republic and a nation on which we all stand.


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