It was with great anticipation that Democrats had waited for the first debate of the candidates who have announced their intention to be President of the United States. The morning after, has seen the viewers being met by poll numbers and the media’s conclusions of what happened.

I don’t know about you but I want the voters to determine who is the nominee, not some poll or talking head from the media. Yes, Hillary Clinton did marvelous, but please, the media should not make any definitive conclusions and determine for us who is the nominee. It should be up to the voters. Let Hillary Clinton continue to earn the nomination. Besides it makes great theater, and helps the voter focus on issues rather than personalities.

I get the feeling that the media has had more than a little to do with Trump’s position in the polls. The last thing the voters want is for the media to tell Joe Biden not to run, because Hillary Clinton was presidential during the debate.

There was a stark contrast between the Democratic debate and the prior Republican debates. If anyone doubted if there is any difference between the two political parties, a person only had to watch the debate for a few minutes to take note of the differences. You would think that there were two Americas.  I, like many Americans, watched the first Republican debate, more out of curiosity than any other reason. I watched their debate and a food fight broke out. The Democratic candidate debate began and issues that had been ignored during the Republican free for all, were front and center. Issues such as income inequality, guns, banks being too big to fail, paid leave after a birth of a child and the moral issue of our day, climate change were talked about in a serious way.  No one or group were called stupid or insulted. Respect for the other candidates and respect for the intelligence of the voters was apparent. Instead of touting the inexperience of the candidates in dealing with our political process, the Democratic candidates talked about how each of them had in real life and in real terms dealt with the very real problems that Americans face each day.

The Democratic Party should choose it’s nominee through the gauntlet of primaries and caucuses.

As the late Prime Minister of Great Britain once said a week in politics is a lifetime.

The nation deserves to hear the ideas and vision for America that the various Democratic candidates put forth last night. It was distinctly different from the Republican debates. The nation can only be served by the continuation of the debate as each candidate makes her or his own case for why they should be the nominee.


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