The news today, October 15,  was not encouraging as President Obama announced that he has placed a halt on bringing our troops home from Afghanistan. It is clearly disappointing but before we go off the deep end we should remind ourselves as to why the troops are there to begin with.

The Taliban is still there and they are a very real threat to the security of the sovereignty of Afghanistan. You may ask yourself why do we care? You may recall that Afghanistan was a terrorist training ground where those who attacked America on 9/11 came from.

The problem child that the President can not really talk about is the dysfunctional state of Pakistan. You know the country that protected Bin Laden. Pakistan is the real reason why we have to stick this out to a place where the Taliban no longer have a free reign to cross the border from Pakistan to Afghanistan with impunity. Pakistan is supposed to be our ally. With allies like Pakistan we do not need any enemies. The Typhoid Mary of nuclear proliferation still lives in a mansion. Dr. Khan, the one who gave North Korea, the help they wanted to develop their nuclear program.

Sadly if we left, I am afraid that once again, Afghanistan would become a safe haven for the enemies of our way of life. It is a real national security issue.

A knee jerk reaction would be to blame someone, but the fact is that Pakistan makes the situation of securing a peace in Afghanistan most difficult.

We still have troops in Germany, South Korea and in the region of Japan for their interests and ours. It might seem wise to bring them home from Germany and Japan, but clearly North Korea is still a threat to peace.

Iraq and Syria are totally different factual situations. There is no one to blame for not bringing our troops home other than the radical Islamic nature of factions within the Pakistani government. There is no easy solution. Let us back our President for having the right intentions and trust him to know from the intelligence that he and our government has regarding the explosive and dangerous situation that is the Taliban and Afghanistan. We seek no land for conquest but rather to provide peace and security in the region. Let us hope that a better day is ahead when individuals do not seek to violently have their way and kill and maim in the name of religion. They are just murderers who seek to conquer in the name of God.



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