In a landmark budget deal, the House today passed a two year budget and raised the debt ceiling. The House bill made sure that Medicare did not have to raise premiums and it dealt with Social Security Disability. It was not a perfect bill, no bill is, but the bills’ importance is it’s political message. To be sure it is a parting gift to the nation by the departing Speaker, John Boehner. The passage of the bill could very well mean the beginning of the end of government by crisis.

Seventy-seven Republican House members courageously joined Democrats in passing the bill. The recent polls have indicated the waning popularity of the Tea Party. It may very well be that the 77 Republicans who voted for the bill are sick and tired of government by crisis and in a moment of reason and sanity realized their responsibility to the voters and to their oath of office and made sure that the doors of the government will stay open. It might be, that with the waning popularity of the obstructionists Liberty caucus gave the Republicans the realization that just perhaps they have less to fear back home from a Tea Party candidate running against them in their own primary. All in all, we citizens can breathe a sigh of relief that the government will not close down.

Only time will tell whether normalcy will return to the way our government functions.


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