There is a virus loose upon the land, upon our country, spreading into the minds and hearts of our citizens.  This virus would attack the very foundation of our nation be ending the separation of church and state. A chief exponent of this idea is Senator Ted Cruz. This heresy to replace our way of life with a theocracy makes him the most dangerous man in America.

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, is running for President of the United States. He along with Aaron Burr, Huey Long, Joseph McCarthy, and Dick Cheney belong to a select group of Americans who were and are dangerous to the health and well being of our Republic.

Ted Cruz is a Dominionist. His father is a noted minister in this conservative sect of a fundamentalist branch of the Southern Baptist faith. His father claims that his son has been anointed to be President of the United States. The father Raphael is part of “Purifying Fire International.”

The Presidential election of 2016 has brought into focus a different but nevertheless a key question, that needs to be answered. If your religion does not allow you to separate your faith from your obligation and duty to follow the Constitution, does that not disqualify you from being President of the United States?

Dominionists, believe in a theocracy. Society would be ruled by Biblical law. They believe in the sovereignty of God over human freedom and action. They believe in Christian nationalism and promote religious supremacy not only over other religions but over other sects of Christianity as well. The Ten Commandments and the old testament are their Constitution.

Cruz in his speeches has made a case for the idea that government becomes your God, if you happen to believe that government is a force for good. He has claimed that homosexuals are destroying the individuals loyalty to the family.

His theocratic idea that Christian men are called by God to exercise dominion over secular society by taking control over our political institutions would give Madison and Jefferson heart burn.

Other candidates such as Ben Carson, and former Governor Huckabee speak in lofty religious language in their speeches as well. One would think that these candidates were running not for President of the United States but rather for the position of who would be the religious leader of our nation.

It would serve the nation if a moderator of a debate would ask of Senator Cruz whether he could swear allegiance to the Constitution if a situation came up that was in conflict with his religious beliefs. Does his allegiance and duty lie with obeying the law of the land, our Constitution or would he instead insist on following Biblical law? If he can not answer that his duty is to follow the Constitution he is not qualified to be President of the United States.


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