Today, November 9, 2015, saw the Court of Appeals in New Orleans, in a 2-1 vote, uphold an injunction issued by a Texas court. The injunction seeks to stop an Executive Order of President Obama’s, which would the defer the deportation of mostly young people who were brought to America illegally by their parents.

The case is likely to find its way to the Supreme Court.

In a clearly partisan action 26 Republican Governors have sought court action to stop the deferral of the deportation of 4.7 million people. It is interesting that in her dissent in the New Orleans action, the judge said that the action on the part of the Executive was proper because Congress had only set forth enough funding to the Department of Homeland Security to deport 400,000 people.

In our system of government with a separation of powers, Congress under Article I, Section 8 is given the power over naturalization. But regretfully, Congress has for years failed in its responsibilities to deal with the fact that over 11 million people are here in the United States illegally, without documentation. At least the Senate passed an Immigration Bill but the House failed to even put the measure up for an up or down vote, insuring the fact that the current status of our immigration problems will not be dealt with by Congress.

At least the President, President Obama, has tried to deal with the problem of what to do with the children of illegal immigrants.

One would think by looking at the situation that the Republican Party does not want a solution to the issue of immigration. After all, it keeps the campaign contributions coming in for such an emotional issue for Republicans. If they were really interested in solving the problem they would have worked with the Senate Bill on Immigration reform and come up with a consensus bill that could have been passed. If Congress had only funded enough money to deport more than 400,000 people, the Executive Order would not have been necessary.

The President as Commander-In- Chief and as our chief executive has a responsibility to keep us safe. We need to know who is here. We will never know who is here if we do not work out a solution so that those young people would have a reason to come in from the shadows and finally be given an official status or a process by which they could be here legally. It is not illegal to do what Congress has failed to do for their own political reasons.

Now as a result of the Circuit Court decision, the issue of what to do with those young people who are here, may now have their cause heard before the Supreme Court. No one should blame those here as a result of their families coming here. They need to have their situation resolved. Who would want to live in the shadows not knowing that at any time someone might knock on their door and have them deported? In most cases these young people have been living exemplary lives, they have been good Americans. They could be working now, paying taxes, or many of them could be in college, or with family. It is only humane to resolve what for them is a constant worry. May the court speak in a reasoned and compassionate way to resolve this emotional issue.


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