To borrow a famous line from a famous television show, “Imagine if you will”, that you are in the 21st Century. A Congressional committee is studying aliens. No, not aliens from another country but aliens from the unknown. If you can imagine that, that they would be serious to spend a lot of money on that kind of investigation than my friends you are in “The Twilight Zone.”

Now imagine if you will, that there is a Presidential campaign, where one of the Oligarchs, a Donald Trump, he of the strange comb over hair style, is running for you guessed it, the Presidency of the United States. He claims to represent the Middle Class. While talking to them on a televised debate when asked if he would support a wage increase for an ever shrinking middle class due to wages that have not gone up, says amazingly that wages are too high. If you can imagine that you are in the Twilight Zone.

Imagine if you will, that the white less educated voter is told that jobs will come back to their hometown if only they elect Donald Trump. And that a billionaire actually has their interests at heart. He promises to bring jobs back by having a tariff. If you actually believe this, are you not living in some alternative universe. You’ve got it, you are living in the Twilight Zone.

If you believe that someway, somehow we can go back to 1957, when blacks and Mexicans had very few rights then are living in “The Twilight Zone.”

Imagine if you will, the same Donald Trump trumpeting liberty while wanting to build a wall , a great wall, with a great door. Sorry, the East Germans already built such a wall. He might indeed get a great audience for his reality show. But if you believe in that reality, you have joined the Twilight Zone.

Imagine if you will that many Americans, many of which have no greater than a high school or even less education, listen and watch a Television Network, Fox News. They watch this network solely, actually believing the lies that they spew out each day. Imagine that these lies are against the interests of those watching the shows, but they still buy the lies and actually believe what they see. If you can imagine that YOU MY FRIEND ARE INDEED IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

If you can imagine this! Imagine that a Presidential candidate on the Republican side, a former senator Santorum, actually telling a television audience filled with veterans who go to the VA for medical care, and have no money, that they should go to the private sector that they can not afford. He tells them that he wants to do way with the VA. If you can imagine if you will, that this occurred you are in the TWILIGHT ZONE!

Imagine if you can a Presidential candidate who is a Seventh Day Adventist on the campaign trail saying that he looks forward to the return of Jesus Christ, and that he hopes that his return occurs in his first term. I fail to understand that if the end of times occurs how Ben Carson could have a second term. If you can imagine a brain surgeon running for President without any experience than you are indeed in the Twilight Zone.

Imagine if you will that a President in waiting, Donald Trump, has won the election with the help of the Russians and most Republicans have no problem with that then you are living in a surreal world that has reversed itself from the dreaded McCarthy days of the 50’s to accept a coup than you are indeed living in an another universe of reverse polarity, the Twilight Zone.

Imagine if you will that the champion of ending government, Ted Cruz is running for President even though he wants to close down the government. Then you are in that place where the plane never lands on their non-stop flight, THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

Imagine if you will that America has elected Donald J. Trump President of the United States then my friends you are really living in the Twilight Zone.

We will now return control of your television set to the Kardasians, the Duggar family and Duck Dynasty and that reality show wrestle mania.  Have fun out there in the TWILIGHT ZONE.




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