There is a new sheriff in town. The world is seeing a renewal of diplomacy and the coordinated efforts of a community of nations to put down ISIS or ISIL which ever name you prefer.

To the everlasting consternation of Republican’s and neo-cons we have ISIS on the run. Just take note of what has happened since the attack on Paris. First as a result of the bombing of a Russian passenger aircraft, Russia has upped their efforts to seek and destroy ISIS targets. France has increased their use of their air force to destroy ISIS. Now as a result of the killing of a couple of Chinese captives by ISIS, China has joined the fray.

ISIS must have a death wish. They really must want to become martyrs as quickly as possible to get to enjoy those 72 virgins. First they picked on Russia, whose leader Putin knows a thing or two about meeting out violence by knocking down and killing a lot of innocent Russian civilians. Then just to insure a continuation of the pain and death that the largest military powers can dish out, ISIS chose to kill a couple of citizens from China that they had kidnapped. Brilliant, just brilliant!

Now if the American War Party, the Republican Party would just stay out of the way and not encourage what ISIS wants us to do by making it about Christians against Islam, we just might resolve sooner than expected the cancer that is ISIS.

In a fit of pique, Republicans continue to blame President Obama for supposedly tolerating ISIS. Excuse me! They claim that he has shown weakness by not going to war by putting American troops on the ground right away. Just brilliant, why don’t we just put a sign on it and make it about America versus Islam by putting just our face on the war against ISIS.

Just today, I read a comment which stated the John F. Kennedy would not have put up with ISIS. Who the heck is putting up with ISIS. President Obama just like President Kennedy has shown strength through restrain and diplomacy whereby the world powers are now working hand in hand to eliminate the abomination that is ISIS from the face of the earth.

In case you all have forgotten what Kennedy had to face regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis. Some voices like the Air Force head, Curtis LeMay wanted to Nuke the Communists. Rather than nuke Cuba and Russia the President showed immense patience and wisdom to not listen to the CIA and instead worked out a diplomatic deal with Khrushchev whereby we gave up a military base in Turkey in exchange for the Russians removing their missiles from Cuba.

Diplomacy is slow, admittedly, but it has a far greater history of success than going to war. Once you put men and women in harms way it is much harder to stop a war than to start one.

Through a joint effort of many nations we will defeat ISIS. With the chorus of Republicans shouting for a war between Christians and Islam we can only count on another 50 years of war.

President Obama and our security team along with the State Department and the Defense Department, and Homeland Security are doing an excellent job. A president is not weak if he uses diplomacy. It might not be as good for Television as the shock and awe of bombing another country, but our current strategy is saving lives, American lives. Thank you very much Mr. President




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