In the election of 2016, the words, ‘ ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATE’ , have become associated with something evil or sick or just plain bad for you. The marketers for outsider candidates want to make you believe that anyone with elective experience is bad. Their candidates, the outsiders, are the good guys or girls, with the white hats. They represent candidates who have not been tarnished by being part of governing. The mantra of these purveyors of inexperience tell you that government is bad, but in the ultimate of contradictions they want to have you vote for someone who wants to run the government by becoming President of the United States. What a load of horse manure! That would be like driving a car without it ever having been tested for defects. In this case beware, for if you elect one of the outsiders he will be driving the ship of state without having ever been tested. REMEMBER THE TITANIC!! As J.P. Morgan who was invited to go on the Titanic once said, “Never go on a maiden voyage.”

Let us look for a moment at what a Republican is supposed to stand for and also one of those evil doers an establishment candidate.

I grew up believing that Republicans were about being careful with our tax dollars, kinda like a thrifty Scotsman. A Republican believed in less government and they believed in letting free enterprise loose but with responsible regulations. The idea of balancing the budget was part of a Republican’s DNA. I watched the Republican Convention with interest when they nominated and elected Dwight Eisenhower. Eisenhower actually balanced 3 budgets, but he still managed to make government work. Our Interstate Highway system started. It was only logical to help connect the nation better and be able to transport our goods more quickly.

The Republican Party only has one traditional Republican running for President and they call Governor John Kasich an establishment candidate. How ironic!!! He was a 9 term Congressman who actually worked with Bill Clinton to pass so-called Welfare Reform and the Balanced Budget Act. Hmmmn!!!! Do you mean to tell me he helped actually make Republican promises become a reality? Wow! How establishment of him! Do you mean to tell me that you can cut expenses, lower taxes and balance a budget and still have the government work for the people? Kasich personifies what a Conservative Republican was supposed to be. Well, Kasich and Clinton accomplished what was very non politician about them they did what Republicans had always promised to do, by balancing a budget and cutting costs. He and Clinton, left President Bush a surplus that would have lowered the National Debt substantially by having a pay as you go plan.  Kasich is now a popular governor of a must win for Republicans, state, Ohio. But here, again, they call him this bad word like a cuss word an establishment candidate. Maybe what we need are more establishment candidates like him who do as they say they want to do. Fulfilling a candidates promises to the voters is in point of fact very non politician of him.

The problem is not government but rather the people who we send to Washington, who are willing to be bought. The problem is to elect people who are the problem who just say no to everything. The solution is not to say no but rather to find solutions. Finding solutions does not make you the personification of a bad word or two, when opponents call a person, an establishment candidate. It is nothing other than a poor joke being foisted upon an unwary electorate. What we need to do is to find more candidates willing to solve problems instead of being part of the problem.




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