I know it might seem a bit strange or unconventional to equate George Gershwin to politics. Critics liked to put him in a box to label his style of music. Gershwin was an original, he had his own style and his music defied description. Was it jazz or was it classical? Maybe it was just original where you had the sounds of a 1920’s Paris in the piece. An American in Paris. Or was his music the melodic and wonder Rhapsody in Blue that captured our imagination? He wrote the wonderful Porgy and Bess, an American Opera, a first of it’s kind. It drove his critics mad that they could not fit him into a label or a box, he was his own man, an original musical genius.

Nowadays, and perhaps forever, media types like to label people. Each of us probably does not fit so easily into a label unless we are ideologues. Why can’t you be a Conservative who is thrifty with money and a Progressive? If you are not a Progressive does that mean that you are against progress, because that is where the word comes from, it comes from progress. I’m not sure I have met too many people against progress. Maybe there are some old timers out there that don’t like change or new things. New does not mean that whatever has happened is better, but progress is supposed to mean that you have moved forward. If you are a conservative maybe you can be just really tight with spending, other peoples money. Please account for the money you spend though and don’t spend it foolishly.

If you just do not want to spend money when you need to, perhaps you are not a conservative person, but a fool instead. Maybe when you reject helping others you are not a conservative or a progressive but instead you are either selfish, greedy or self centered. Those last three attributes have nothing to do with a political philosophy.

Then there are those who really are stupid and you can’t fix stupid or crazy. You may attempt to put yourself in a crazy persons shoes but it just does not work.

So I will continue to enjoy the music of Gershwin, not because it fits a label but because it is beautiful music. Music is universal it is a language that speaks to all of us. The love of good music lasts forever.

A good political philosophy might seem old and outdated. The fact is that wise men through the ages have developed truisms about their observations about government and in their studies of man. Their thinking and ideas can be and are timeless. Just because you might be a politician who is young, that does not mean that you have a monopoly on new ideas. You might have old ideas that are just wrong. So let us please stop trying to put a person in a box as to what their beliefs are. We can be and sometimes are independent thinkers. Hopefully we can make some of our ideas like Gershwin’s, timeless ideas and music to the ears of some people out there, that will better the lives of people.




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