For over 235 years the citizens of the Unites States has voted for a President of the United States. We have a history of who we select, what experience they have had on their resume. In fact, we have done pretty darn well as a nation compared to other countries. What in the world has happened in this election cycle to the point where 2 of the top Republican candidates have no elected experience and none of them have ever been a general. All of a sudden some folks have it in their heads that we should elect a candidate who has no experience in government and has never held any elective office. The new buzz word is that we need an outsider, someone outside of the establishment. What are they thinking? What have they been drinking?

Let us look at the past experience of our previous Presidents. We have had 9 generals be President including George Washington and Dwight David Eisenhower. Twenty six of our Presidents have been lawyers. We have had 17 governors, 18 who were U.S. Representatives, 16 senators, 14 Vice-Presidents, 7 who had served in the foreign service and 8 who had held a Cabinet Position in our government.  Herbert Hoover was a Secretary of Commerce and an engineer and we know how his administration turned out.

Most objective observers would grant that the job of being President of the United States is the most difficult job in the world. It is a job that requires a President to be able to navigate through the troubled and complicated world that we live in. Domestically, it would be hoped that an aspiring candidate would know how government functions and how to deal with the different branches of the government. It is not a job for on the job training, it is actually a job that requires intelligence and wisdom. It is also helpful to have a clear vision of what that particular candidate would like to see happen under his or her watch over our ship of state.

I just do not understand how a major political party could be honestly considering nominating 3 candidates who have absolutely 0, that’s right zero elected experience, not even experience as a city councilperson or dog catcher. None of them has been in the military where they have at least had the experience of leading men and women. At best we have 2, Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina who have headed companies, but one Ben Carson has had success as a brain surgeon. Carson may be a good candidate to be Surgeon General but not President of the United States. Yes, anyone can become President of the United States but a modicum of experience is required.

Our experience with an engineer, Herbert Hoover was not successful. The idea that a business person could be a good president has no history of success and in a troubled time on our planet Earth, this is not the time to try something new, a President with no background of having been part of governing anything. How in the world could you trust Trump, Carson or Fiorina to do anything other than to make things worse?

The idea of electing an outsider instead of someone from THE ESTABLISHMENT, is nothing but a marketing tool, to sell a bar of soap that will not clean you nor fix our government but rather keep the dirty dysfunction going.



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