Men should admit that we have been an abject failure at leading countries and the world in our history. It is time, past time, to let women have a go at leadership. Let us give women a chance! Men couldn’t have done much worse. There is a darn good chance that women would do a heck of a lot better than men have.

A yardstick that you can measure a successful leader by is whether they were successful in preventing wars. Men by and large have been miserable in this regard. Since 3500 years before Christ until now, wars have prevailed. It is estimated that in those 5500 years we have had an absence of war if we strung each day together of only 300 years. Since the dark ages we have increasingly found better and more efficient ways of killing each other. Our success at doing each other in culminated in the 20th Century being the most violent in history with the estimated deaths of 187 million people. Just to give you an idea of how many that is, it represented 10% of the population. This is a black mark on the history of man, as it quite clearly shows that civilization had not improved much since the dawn of man. We have shown improvement in the last half of the 20th Century, but that improvement has slowed and in the 21st Century we seem to be on the precipice of being in a constant state of war.

It is high time that we give women the chance to lead. History has shown that when given an opportunity to have power, even in a man’s world, women have shown a greater degree of success. Surely they can’t do worse than men have!

In our collective history women such as Eleanor of Aquitine,  Queen Elizabeth the 1st, Catherine the Great, Queen Victoria, Margaret Thatcher, Indira Ghandhi, and Helle Thorning- Schmidt have shown the capacity and the ability to lead their country.

Men have given us a mixed bag in our history, where we have had tyrants and dictators mixed in with a few very good men. Those few good men, often had to fight and win over the evil that such men as Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Napoleon, Adolph Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot represented.

It has been said that war is part of our human nature. Personally I am not too sure of that. I just can’t see women sending their sons and daughters off to war unless it was absolutely necessary. Women tend to be better care givers, which might actually help with the pain the world is now going through. I am sick and tired of men Middle Eastern insisting on an eye for an eye. It is quite plain that if you could only see that an eye for an eye will make you more blind than you were.

Men have this reputation of paternalism, tough love. Wow, tough love has really, really worked hasn’t it? No, not at all really, as men in government, in our government, continue to rail against each other in a shrill manner, unwilling to bend or compromise. What is a compassionate conservative when they want to deny food to the hungry, equal pay, a livable minimum wage and other common sense solutions to fix our problems. Women understand what income inequality means and how it relates to a family’s well being and ability to survive and thrive.

Of course there is much more to running a nation and leading a people than war and peace but it is a good start. So when the Democratic Party nominates the first woman to be a nominee of a major political party, please don’t freak out. It’s okay! It’s a woman’s turn to either make a success of it or a failure, but at least they should have their opportunity. Being President is the ultimate glass ceiling to break into pieces here in the United States.

All of this effort to dehumanize, Hillary Clinton just might have more to do with her being a woman than it does over whether she is capable to lead. She might not be the most eloquent politician to walk the face of the planet. But since when does eloquence make you efficient and competent? In a world filled with inefficiency and a lack of competence, I welcome the idea that we just might have a very competent President and her name, not his name, will be Hillary Clinton, President of the United States.

May we be lucky enough to find other women willing to serve we the people and we the people of the globe. We need you and your wisdom. The time is now, it is time to give women the chance to lead the world and make it a better place than we men have left it.


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