Senator Marco Rubio is a political consultant’s dream, young and well spoken. He and his family present the perfect family picture.  Along with that he has a personal story that many sons and daughters of immigrants have, his story of how America gave he and his parents  the opportunity for freedom and financial success. His is a truly American story.

Marco Rubio is the junior senator from the state of Florida. He is the youngest candidate running for President. A child of Cuban immigrants, he is married with 4 children.  His education took place in his home state of Florida, culminating in a law degree. Considering his youth he has an impressive resume. Starting in 2000 he was elected to the Florida legislature where he became the Republican Party whip and later the Majority Leader. Rubio was elected to the United States Senate in 2010.

In his campaign for President, he is currently the leading, what the media is calling, establishment candidate. In contrast to the current front runner, his campaign web site is full of position papers on the many issues of the day. For anyone interested, you can go to his web site and read about his stand on such issues as: families, farmers, gun owners, seniors, small business. veterans, Cuba, debt, common core, and China.

What sets the Senator apart from the other candidates is that he was a member of the gang of 8 who tried and succeeded in passing in the Senate a major immigration reform bill. The bill was entitled, The Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act. In a bi-partisan effort the Senate passed the bill by a wide margin, 68 to 32 on June 27, 2013. This was not a bill that went easy on the 11 million or so people who have been here illegally for years. It was a tough bill. Senator Rubio showed courage and initiative in supporting such a bill. In this political environment it is amazing it was passed at all.

The bill provided for 40,000 border patrol officers. It had an e-verify system and high tech security surveillance system as part of the bill. Only after the border was to be secured were the individuals who have been in this country to be given the opportunity to have a legal status and an opportunity for citizenship. There was to be a 13 year waiting period, during which English was to be learned and back taxes paid if that person was to become a legal resident with the chance to become a citizen.

If Congress was truly serious about reform, a vote should have taken place in the House and any differences ironed out in a joint committee situation. At least the Senator tried and to his credit his efforts could have and still might cost him politically.

One wonders by the House’s refusal to put the measure up for a vote, whether they did so because they did not want the problem solved for political reasons or what!!!

He has shown some flexibility on his web site regarding his ideas for the future. Let’s take a look at his position on seniors for example. Rubio has no plans to gut the Social Security system. Recipients who now are beneficiary’s or who are about to become seniors would not be affected by any reforms. His plans would extend the retirement age for younger, future recipients. He would lower the income from Social Security for the wealthy and increase benefits for the poor.  Interestingly enough he would exempt individuals who are still working at the age of 65 and older from any payroll tax.

His youthful appearance and winning smile is in stark contrast to the current favorite, Donald Trump who scowls a lot and does very little smiling.

Senator Rubio is a serious candidate for President. In this long marathon on the road to the White House we shall see if he continues to garner support. Will he will be the candidate that Republicans vote for when people get serious and realize the reality of the consequences of their votes? At some point it will be interesting to see if voters take their responsibilities seriously and realize that they are actually voting for someone who could be the next President of the United States.


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