In a world in turmoil, Fascism is on the rise. In the first round of elections in France, Marine de Pan and her Neo-Fascist Party led in the polls. In Hungary and Poland fascists have already taken power, with Viktor Orban and Kacynski leading their respective country’s.

When chaos and violence are an increasing reality in the world, Fascism offers the world, a promise of order and security. The public finds itself in fear of ISIS. The public is angry with the recurrent attacks and atrocities that have occurred against innocent civilians. A fear of immigrants from the Middle East is being used by ambitious politicians to foster a fear of strangers. Fascist governments are against giving any help to the massive refugee problems that have resulted from the Syrian Civil War.  Lastly, a rising tide of nationalism is occurring and along with that an increasing level of skepticism towards the great social and political experiment, the European Union. Excessive Nationalism has put the future of the European Union at risk.

Will France out of fear and a demand for order continue on their march towards a fascist state? It is quite clear that Marine Pan has successfully led France into having a three-party system, the left,  Gaullism and Pan’s ,Neo-Fascist Party.

In the United States we have a candidate, Donald Trump, who is riding the wave of the same concerns of many citizens of the United States to lead the Republican field. He is using nationalism, the need for order and security and a fear of outsiders to drum up votes. He might not call his movement fascism, but the same elements that put the Neo-Fascist Movement in Europe on the march, exists right here in the United States. Since fascism has such a bad reputation and history, Trump is too smart to admit that he is a fascist. Many of his followers are using the same tactics that we have seen before when fascism was on the march. They beat up on people of color who attend their rallies. Trump recently used a few people of color, as if they were performers at a minstrel show. And now like the expert brainwashing tactics of the Nazi’s, they are bringing back the charge that it is the people on the left who are the greatest obstacle to their and your freedom. They are accusing progressives of being Communists.  Trump is instilling  fear and hate among the less educated to gain votes from the most gullible and the most angry white people to gain political traction.

Americans and Europeans share a wish for order out of chaos and danger. No one wants to feel insecure. Trump like others before him promise a strong nation, to continue in the so-called tradition of American being exceptional. He has branded and named those we are to be in fear of, and some of the public are buying into the fear.

Will fascism continue to be on the march, will we give into fear for the promise of security and order? Only time will tell!!!!


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