Today, the Tea Party favorite for President Senator Ted Cruz laid out in a campaign speech in Iowa his National Security Doctrine. Some are already calling it the Cruz Doctrine.

In a clever use of history he borrowed the phrase Bully Pulpit, from Teddy Roosevelt to show how tough he will be. In the same speech he used the ghost of Ronald Reagan to increase the imagery as how great he will be as President in facing what he calls the greatest threat to the world, since Communism.

Is radical Islamism the greatest threat to the world since Communism? In a fit of hyperbole he is doing ISIS a favor by making them a greater threat than they are.

Come on now! The Soviet Union was indeed a threat, as they occupied the countries that they had marched into during World War II, intent on keeping those countries as part of the Soviet Empire. One Soviet leader famously said at the United Nations, “We will bury you.” The Soviets had a massive army and a large nuclear arsenal. The United States and the Soviet Union had so many nukes that we could have together destroyed the world 50 times over.

Cruz’s fiery speech, attempting to pump up his credibility as a candidate by invoking the words of greats like Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt, has gone too far. His doctrine would be to work with our allies and with countries with governments that we do not approve of, to allegedly guarantee victory over Radical Islam.

His speech sounded as if he is unwilling to distinguish between moderate Muslims and liberal ones and the extremists who mean us harm. He is cleverly branding a religion and a whole lot of people. Senator Cruz’s speech sounds as if he wants a war between Christians and Muslims.

The land occupied by ISIS presently is the size of Indiana. ISIS has no massive army, and no nuclear arsenal. They do have an idea that comes from ancient times to have a Pan Arab state based upon their version, their radicalized and bastardized version of the Koran. We are not under any imminent danger of a military attack in Santa Monica at any time in the future. It is just insane to treat these barbaric extremist as being worse than they are.

They are more like an out of control Mafia. If we remain calm and continue on our path of we will win the battle against extremism. Our allies are resolved to defeat these extremists.  The leaders of ISIS are fools. If you are foolish enough to pick on Russia and execute a Chinese citizen you are asking to meet Allah very soon.

If we make it about us versus them or in other words Christians against Muslims, we give ISIS what they want, a never ending supply of volunteers for a religious war, a Jihad. The result will be to have a never ending war, a New Crusades where there be no victors. Only the merchants of war will gain anything and that is more profits. It is the people, mankind that will be the loser.


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