My fellow citizens, times have changed! Get used to hearing the BREAKING NEWS headline on television and on the radio in America. Why, because fear is becoming part of our daily lives!

Today, the breaking news was in Los Angeles, where the Los Angeles Unified School District closed down all of the schools due to what is claimed to be a credible threat to the safety of 640,000 children. The school district closed 900 schools.

Is fear the new normal? We should hope not! Of course, suitable precautions need to be taken to protect our children from any credible threat to their health and safety. But we should never submit to fear. We need to go about our lives as normally as possible.

If any society allows fear to rule the daily lives of the citizens of that society, those who would terrorize us, win.

The goal of ISIS or al Qaeda or any group is to extort change and alter our lives out of the fear of the possibility of imminent death. We must not let them change our attitude about living our lives nor can we allow them to change our basic liberties as guaranteed under our Constitution.

The threat that came today, in Los Angeles could have come from an individual who wants the attention, of creating chaos or it might have come from abroad or from persons part of the ISIS network. For the present we do not know the answer to the question of where did this credible threat come from.

But this we do know, the territory controlled by ISIS is shrinking. The government of Saudi Arabia announced today that they have organized a 34 nation military coalition of Muslim nations to fight ISIS. We should take the news as being great for the effort to eliminate ISIS and reducing the chance of the United States needing to send in ground troops. It is only proper that the nations that are predominately Muslim fight ISIS.

If an individual is to blame shame on that person. We must then hope that the authorities track down who is responsible and put that person in jail.

Most important of all is to not change who we are as a people just because some group seeks to instill fear into our daily lives. There is no way to eliminate all threats, and or murderous acts. We must continue, however, to live our lives. We need to be more aware of our surroundings, and inform the authorities of any suspicious behavior. Our police, our sheriffs, the FBI and others are there to help us prevent any disasters. Let us give them the assistance that they might need to protect us from danger.


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