The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln is dead. Stick a fork in them. Taps will be played in the morning. The political party of the Great Humanitarian, President Lincoln, has lingered on death’s door for years since the party began using the Southern Strategy.

Lincoln showed his humanity in freeing the slaves, and his gracious and forgiving nature in his plan to bring back the wayward states of the Confederacy into the Union with magnanimity.

Lincoln once said “With malice towards none.” Today’s Republican Party is dominated by those who have malice towards all.

The Party of Lincoln has survived for over one hundred and fifty years. But daily we see the party marginalize themselves further and further away from the founding principles of the Republican Party.

Today’s followers of what they call Conservatism, is nothing other than a collection of WASP’S, white Anglo-Saxon mostly Protestants, fundamentalist Christians. They clothe themselves in the sanctity of being born again. They pretend to be religious. Their new found religiosity is nothing other than a way of hiding their true beliefs, their hate towards other human beings.They go to church on Sunday and on Monday they hide their real feelings behind a white sheet.

They have malice towards blacks, liberals, the poor, Latino’s, Muslims, food stamps, Social Security, government, taxes, women’s rights, socialism, communism and gays. After excluding those groups, that only leaves white people that they like, but only if the other white people believe as they do.  Their idea of being against political correctness is an excuse to say ugly and insulting things about their fellow countrymen and women. Instead of being a party with a big tent that includes people of all colors and stripes of the American scene, only white people are sought. They are desperate to continue White Supremacy. They buy guns by the truck load to protect themselves against their fear of others who do not resemble their picture of what America now looks like. They refer to OUR AMERICA, as if those who do not look like them or believe like them do not belong.

A political party that is so exclusionary, can not endure. Abraham Lincoln would hide his face in shame if he knew what his party has become.  It is time to mourn the passing of the Republican Party. Lincoln belongs to the Ages. The Republican Party belongs to the dust heap of history.


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