Many years ago, on a starry night, the birth of a child changed the course of history. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, symbolizing the birth and renewal of life. Three Magi or wise men were said to have brought gifts that night. The gifts were gold, frankincense and myrrh. These 3 men, were said to have come from the East, Melchior from Persia, Balthazar from Arabia and Casper or Gudapharasa from India.

It is extremely ironic if you move forward to today, the time being the 21st Century. We have a barrier, a wall, separating the holiest site of Christendom from the world. Walls separate people from each other.

Walls seem to be in vogue today, even in the United States, a place reputedly known for its tolerance of different religions and people of different colors. Walls divide us. We need to tear down all of the walls that divide us. Now perhaps more than ever we need to be connected to the birthplace of the Prince of Peace!

The importance of the gifts and the 3 men who brought them should not be lost on us on this Christmas season in 2015. The 3 wise men, kings of the East were able to bring those gifts and bow down to an infant who represents the meaning of life for all time. Those 3 men, came from Babylon, Persia and India known civilizations of that time. Gold, spice and a fragrance were their gifts, nice presents that brightened the evening and brought a new spice and aroma to the world.

Today, we have the ugliness of man, building walls to encourage hate and not love, intolerance instead of brotherhood.

May we have the grace to remember the true meaning of the first Christmas. May we have the wisdom to turn our guns into plows. Let us have a renewed sense of Peace and Goodwill towards all men and women, from this day forward. Merry Christmas!



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