Ladies and Gentlemen, you can start your engines. Starting with the new year, the voters will determine who will be the nominee, or so you would hope!

With all of the publicity you would think that Donald Trump will be the nominee but not so fast, let’s wait and see what the voters have to say. Most of Trump’s support allegedly comes from Blue collar voters, and among that group are high school graduates and voters of a less than high school education. Outside of the voting group between the ages of 18-30, the less educated demographic has historically proved to be a group that does not vote.

My money is on the race devolving into a contest between Senator’s Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio.

Cruz is the favorite to win Iowa. He should be very strong in the Deep South, including his home state of Texas. His problems should come from the states that have the most delegates and that elect Presidents. Cruz could very well do well in the lightly populated Midwestern states and Rocky Mountain states, also.

Senator Marco Rubio’s opportunities will come in the more moderate and heavily populated states. He should do well in Florida, but it is the larger states that could give him the edge. We are talking about: Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the North East.

It is hard to imagine anyone winning the nomination on the first ballot, but it is still possible that we will see a winner on the first ballot. Whatever delegates that Donald Trump has it will be hard for him to retain his support in later ballots, unless he staffs his campaign with some political veterans who know how to count heads and offer something to a key delegate or two to maintain their support.

May the best prepared for the office of President candidate win the nomination. We owe it to the voters to present the best of the best for the office of President of the United States. May the best candidate win!!!!!


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