What is happening during this campaign for President is not attractive nor a positive development for our political discourse. According to the political pundits, political correctness is out and therefore political incorrectness is in vogue, especially among the angry and frustrated members of the electorate.

This recent development is harmful for our body politic. Just when we thought things could not get worse, they have. Now we have the insult a day campaign. Instead of talking about who has the best ideas and policies to fix what needs to be fixed we are focused on the negatives.

I miss the days of political correctness when it was not okay to insult people. We need to unite people not divide them. We don’t need walls to divide us or keep people in or out, we need to build bridges, bridges of common ground and understanding to improve the daily lives of our fellow citizens.

One of the blessings of campaigning for President is the hand to hand combat of meeting voters in New Hampshire. In a great example of what democracy should be about, candidates talk to voters who share their concerns with the candidates. If you are smart and wise, a candidate can learn by hearing and really listening to what people have to say. After all, it is a politicians job to represent we the people, and you can’t do your job right if you do not listen. It is a positive for both the voter and the candidate, to go through the process of seeking the votes of the people from New Hampshire. But this year they are hearing more rhetoric than the necessary interchange of thoughts and ideas.

If our political process is highlighted by the loudest voice and the most vulgar and obscene no on wins. The voters are the losers. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to hear about sex, and character assassination. I am tired of the National Enquirer mentality of the press. I am now sick and tired of political incorrectness. The country is not served well by insulting every voter group outside of white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants. World leaders must find our candidates troubling when our candidates threaten war, instead of seeking peace.

Who among us who are our best and brightest would want to run for office with this kind of atmosphere ? The world is undergoing a troubling time. We need greater civility in our campaigns. We need to return to a standard of campaigning where insults are not tolerated and political correctness and good behavior is what is demanded of our candidates. I miss the good old days!!!!!


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