The Republican debate of last night, made me miss Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan believed in the 11th Commandment, thou shall not speak ill of your fellow Republicans. Wow, he would have been shocked by the lack of civility of some of the participants. I turned on the television to watch a debate and a loud and raucous yelling match broke out. It was a virtual chamber of horrors.

I remember once when the soon to be President Reagan said that he earned the right to speak. Last night we heard a boorish, bully, Governor Christie tell Marco Rubio that he had lost his chance to speak. Hmmn!

The media was ready to crown Donald Trump the winner last night, even though he was booed by some members of the audience. Perhaps Mr. Trump is the perfect candidate for the Republican Party and our current culture. He is loud, and vain. His is the insult a day campaign tour. He promises the world to the public. Trump promises greatness when we are already great. He is the epitome of today’s reality world of television. His show will be the greatest with the best ratings, while he calls his opponents stupid, and without energy. His show passes for entertainment and high ratings. His pronouncements promise that America will always win if he is President, whatever winning might mean. His remedies are like sugar pills that are meted out by a doctor to a patient who thinks he is sick or dying.

The biggest threats to the evil doers brought the biggest applause. The more reasoned arguments brought with them tepid applause. It was as if the audience was ready to cheer for a war and the death and destruction it would bring to our enemies, as long as they were not the ones to be on the battle front. Let me see now, what if a Chinese war ship had a mechanical problem and drifted into our waters, do you think we would have the right to detain for awhile the ships crew? You would think that the quick release of our sailors by the government of Iran would have been pleasing to the candidates, but no, the bellicose response of some of the candidates made one think that one of them would have instigated an over the top response and started an international incident that could have escalated. We have a political party who are the cheerleaders for a new war. It is so irresponsible to think and talk so recklessly when you do not have the responsibility of the lives of our soldiers. A war is much easier to start than to end. I am quite confident that the only people really wanting a new war are the makers of our weapons systems. We are told how weak our military is. Well, each carrier group and we have 10 of them has more fire power than the entire Navy had in back in the days when we might have had more ships. Wars are fought differently now, with smart bombs and drones. It is the Republican Pro War party that needs to get real and realize we are in the 21st Century. The makers of our war machine must be salivating at the prospect of more profits if one of their paid for candidates should win the Presidency.

Senator Cruz is unwilling to accept that the literal interpreter of the Constitution that he is, is being hoisted on his own sword. If one looks at the meaning of the words during the time of the writing of the Constitution of what a natural born citizen was defined to mean, he does not qualify. His ambition is too great for him to acknowledge the truth of the accusation that he is disqualified to become President of the United States. He was not born in one of the 50 states nor was his family in the diplomatic corps or in the military at the time of his birth to qualify under any of the recognized exceptions to the words natural born.

It is incredible to think that Trump is never willing to admit that he has made an error; that is a dangerous trait for any potential President. He wants to exclude all Muslims from entering the United States even though it would seem obvious that if we are to put together a coalition of countries to fight ISIS, we must not alienate any potential ally.

I realize that it is only human to want to lash out and do something to hurt those who would harm America, no matter what the consequences. A well thought out plan is much better than having just a knee jerk reaction just because it would make us feel better. Wisdom and a steady hand is needed, not reckless action.

It was sad to see and hear the reasoned approach to things that Governor Kasich spoke about and hear his statements fall on deaf ears. His words did not meet the need of the audience to hear the loud and blood thirsty, revenge minded statements of the other candidates.

We should remember how Teddy Roosevelt thought about America and our place in the world. He spoke about how America would never be loved but we should seek respect. The candidates for the most part last night want America to only be feared. It is as if fear would gain you an advantage other than just a temporary one. We need allies to join us out of respect and our mutual security interests. We will not gain by their disrespect or by their fear of us, we will only gain by sharing common interests and goals, not by being the biggest bully on the block. Safety and security is not gained by being the most feared and hated country in the world. We gain safety and respect by being a leader who only will use force as a last resort not at the first opportunity.

Well, another debate is history! Who do you see among the cast of candidates as being qualified to sit in the oval office without having any nightmares over that possibility?


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