As we approach the first primary in New Hampshire, Governor Kasich is showing surprising strength in the latest polling. New Hampshire is a great place to campaign, you really have to earn votes by talking to people. The voters of New Hampshire take their responsibility seriously when it comes to voting. Governor Kasich is now in 2nd place in the polls with 20% of the vote. If you were just listening to the media or watching the debates you would get the feeling that he has been ignored up to this point. Well, evidently the people of New Hampshire are not ignoring his candidacy. Three major newspapers have just endorsed him. He might become the Silky Sullivan of candidates and surprise most,  if not all of the so-called experts, the pundits the night of the primary.

Compared to the rest of the Republican field he is the common sense candidate. Kasich has been a governor and he has a record of success at governing. If competence is to be taken seriously, his record indicates for all a history of competence. He has shown the ability to do something successfully and efficiently, he has shown a proficiency in knowing and having an expertise in government.

John Kasich and his issues indicate that he is not an ideologue. The average voter should find areas that they can agree with the governor and some very real differences of opinion. His governance has converted a 8 billion dollar debt into a surplus in Ohio. He readily admits that economic theory is not what counts, what is important is to help people who need help. Kasich has stated that if you lift everybody, you build a stronger America. He realizes that Wall Street is needed but they are greedy. He is willing to love gay people and accept the Supreme Court decision. He wants to end racial profiling. His website states his other positions. The point is that he is less extreme than his opponents, and more flexible. There are many of his positions I disagree with but it is time to take a new look at his candidacy.

The flavor of the month is to nominate an outsider to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. But to be honest having a novice, an amateur be President during these difficult times is just darn right stupid. When have we ever elected anyone who has had as little if no experience in governing that has been a successful President? Never is the answer. With only a few exceptions generals have made bad Presidents. Businessmen have made horrible presidents.

It is a good thing that the media does not choose our candidates even though they seem to believe that they have the power to make or break a candidate. By ignoring the Kasich candidacy, and primarily showing only Donald Trump they may have helped their ratings but they have betrayed their duties as the fourth estate to keep we the people informed with an unbiased and objective view towards the election and who the Republican Party chooses as its candidate. Ratings are not as important as giving the people the chance to pick the best candidate.

I look forward to having the voters have their say on who they trust with their vote. The preliminaries are almost over and the serious part of the campaign is just beginning. We the people eagerly await the decision of those who count, the voters.


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