Flint, Michigan is exhibit A for what happens if you short change basic human services for profit. The lives and health of our children are more important than paying less in taxes or the bottom line on some company’s profit margin. Sick children is a reminder of what life was about before the rules and regulations that we have to inspect food, air and water. Clean air, untainted food and safe drinking water is what we the people demand from government, not the evils of privatization.

There are Republican candidates for President, such as Ted Cruz who promise to do away with our protections. There are more candidates statewide across the nation who are captive to the Koch Brothers, campaign contributions and ALEC who would put profit before public safety.

Gee, it just sounds great to lower your taxes and put more money in your pocket but at what cost? We are told the lies that if only we privatize everything all will be well. We forget history, when bad food poisoned people. We forget and take for granted that our air is cleaner and safer to breathe. I remember when the air in Southern California was yellow and it hurt to breathe when you exercised. When the water that you drink smells bad, it just might be a clue that you shouldn’t drink it.

Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan is someone so-called conservatives were proud of. He is one of them, one of those who promised lower taxes, greater privatization, and less government intrusion and Flint, Michigan is what you get. These purveyors of political irresponsibility do not belong in office, they belong in jail for the damage and injuries that they have caused to their fellow citizens. Going on the cheap has consequences.

The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of family values. They claim to be the party of life, but only if you have not been born yet. When you scratch just a bit under the surface, you can see who they really are, they are the political party of Big Business, the party of profits while sacrificing our safety and health. History is full of examples of the chemical and toxic poisoning of our water, fowling our air and despoiling our food. The Republican Party is owned by their contributors. Don’t be fooled by their carnival acts and lies. The proof is out there if you are only willing to accept it.

I choose safety over profits how about you?


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