The simple truth is that politicians put politics above their duty to protect and provide clean water for the citizens of Flint, Michigan. No matter how Governor Rick Snyder tries to frame the problem, he and others have shown a careless disregard for human life, by switching the water supply of Flint, from Lake Huron to the Flint River. The tap water became toxic with lead poisoning, that will have a long term effect on the lives of the children and adults who live in Flint, Michigan. This is not only a great tragedy, but it was negligent on the part of the state government to have done so. They had every reason to have known the reputation of the water from the Flint River, but regardless of their knowledge they knowingly chose to save money instead of providing clean water. This was a clear dereliction of the duty of every public servant to put the safety and health of its citizens above partisanship and ideology. I can not imagine the pain and worry that the parents of the children who drank the water must have, not knowing if their children will have brain damage and their lives shortened as a result of drinking the poisonous water.

The state interceded into the affairs of the city of Flint based upon the pretext of there being a budget crisis. Yes, they saved money but in doing so they put the lives of Flint at risk. It is not enough for 3 people to have been fired. The emails thus far have shown a total disregard for the health and well being of the people of Flint. The governor should take responsibility for his actions and his failure to act and resign from office. There is absolutely no excuse for what has happened in Flint.

Is this the kind of government and action we can expect from other Republican administrations who put saving money above public safety?


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