The Donald Trump refusal to take part in the Fox News debate in Iowa is understandable. Fox News in their petulant and snarky comments this week wrongfully interjected an unprofessional attitude towards the leading candidate for the Republican Nomination, Donald Trump.

Trump has by his refusal dominated the news cycle. He in a way has shown that he is bigger than Fox News. By his refusal though, he has deprived the voters of a last chance at viewing and hearing from all of the candidates.

Iowans take their role of being the first state to vote on a prospective nominee seriously. With Trump refusing to take part in the debate, will the Iowa caucus participants take it out on Donald Trump and surprise the world by voting for another candidate? This we shall see. Perhaps he might at the last moment choose to participate. The King of the self promoters would again by changing his mind dominate the headlines.

Fox News, Tuesday night, showed a complete disdain for Donald Trump by promoting, by televising an endorsement, the candidacy of Senator Ted Cruz. This is shameful behavior for a network that claims to be a news station. What they seem to really want to be is the King Maker of the Republican Party. This is not their job, that job is in the hands of we the people, the voters.

For once, I sympathize and agree with why candidate, Trump would be upset at the scandalous statements of Fox that led up to his refusal to participate in the scheduled debate Thursday night. As a candidate though, he owes the public more, he owes them another chance to consider his candidacy by comparing him in a face to face encounter with his rivals for the nomination.


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