The magical mystery tour of this Presidential cycle is about to go into full swing starting with the Iowa caucus this coming Monday. The great mystery for me is why is Donald Trump popular? For those tired of gridlock does a Trump candidacy stand for strength and the hope that he will make things work? Does Mr. Trump in his own way exude charm and charisma the way a bad boy does for some people?

In a most peculiar election he promises America a return to greatness. Everyone likes to be called great. His form of economic populism promises that America will be tough, tough in negotiations with our rivals particularly the Chinese. But can we be realistic for a moment and ask the question of how are we going to overcome their cheap wages, their lack of environmental standards and their lack of work place safety? We are told to not worry, he will hire the best and toughest negotiator who will not accept anything other than a victory.

He has no elected experience. But voters see him as being independent of the lobbyists because of his individual wealth. Donald Trump has shown his skill as a showman and he has made sure through his strategy that his name is mentioned every day. The media condemns him but they have created him at the same time by ignoring the other candidates. His statements make the news. His appearances and speeches are covered while his rivals are ignored.

Are we so fed up with politics as usual that whatever Donald Trump says or does is okay with a segment of the public? After all he offers for some of us easy and simple answers to complex problems. People want to believe that he will make things work. His confidence in his own abilities transfers over to his audience and helps them to believe that in spite of any evidence or facts to back up his thoughts, he, Donald Trump will make things work when no one else seems to be able to do the job.

Charisma and the perception that Mr. Trump has the power to make things happen seem to have caught the imagination of Republican voters to the chagrin of the establishment of the Republican Party. It is a show to behold, the ultimate reality show in an era where people watch reality shows. Are our lives so boring and problematic that we will see the probable nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee?

To the voters out there, what qualities do you see in Donald Trump that make you believe that he is the best candidate for the Republican nomination? Can he go on and win the Presidency?


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