Tomorrow is election day in Iowa. Iowa the first in the nation caucus or primary will tell us something about what is happening here in America.

It has been said that we are undergoing a political revolution. Each political party has it’s populist candidate, one from the left side of the political spectrum and the other from the right wing of the spectrum.

C-Span is a good barometer of what is happening each election for President as they have their road to the White House coverage. Instead of hearing from the political talking heads on Television you actually hear from real people who express their feelings and thoughts.

After a Bernie Sanders campaign stop the C-SPAN reporter spent time talking to some of the attendees. A woman came to her first campaign event with her friend who had encouraged her to come. She and her friend have families now, but what was most pressing on her mind was the fact that 20% of her budget goes towards paying for her student loans. Another man had driven in from Chicago with his family to join his sister at the rally. Yes, America something is happening here.

Bernie Sanders wants a political revolution, a revolution where the power of the people is returned to the people and that we put an end to the unfairness that we face with stagnant wages and a growing and powerful corporate elite running the country.

Many Americans are clearly fed up with the inaction that has been taking place regarding the important issues that our fellow citizens face each day. Each of the two populists candidates are wearing the mantle of populism. The fact is that the two candidates are speaking to two Americas.

On the right side of the political spectrum you have Donald Trump who is representing the frustrations of many Americans as well. He is also a populist candidate who is appealing to voters who are not happy with the cultural diversity that is taking place in America. They want America for Americans! They seek to maintain a white America. They are fearful of outsiders particularly people from south of the border and Muslims.

Both Bernie Saunders and Donald Trump are trumpeting wholesale changes. Bernie’s key rival Hillary Clinton is also a spokesperson for change. Their differences are not that great. Senator Saunders is the new kid on the block as far as being a national candidate. Secretary Clinton suffers from being very familiar, so much so that her closeness with the Establishment mars her message of change. Bernie by not accepting contributions from anyone other than small donors makes him appear more genuine and real. His message is resonating.

It will be fascinating tomorrow to see if the new fresh face of populism will overcome the organization and money of the Clinton campaign. Both campaigns have passionate supporters but Bernie’s campaign has caught fire with the youth of America. They bring enthusiasm and energy to any campaign. He, also has the support of many elderly white educated voters as well.

Mr. Trump will be competing with Senator Cruz’s evangelical support.

This will undoubtedly prove to be a historic election of unknown consequences. There is absolutely something going on here with many voters tired of politics as usual. I am ready to hear from the voters of Iowa! Are you ready for some voting. I am tired of the talking heads and their analysis. I am ready for some votes! It is time to hear from we the people.


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