I’ve got bad news for the Republican Party, Donald Trump is going to be the nominee. Here we are just days away from Super Tuesday and Republicans are desperate to find someone to defeat Mr. Trump. Well, good luck with that one! The gnashing of teeth has just begun with recriminations coming from every corner of the Republican world. How did this happen where the Grand Olde Party will nominate Donald Trump?

There is plenty of blame to go around. But the fact that someone came up with the brilliant idea that what was needed was a person who came from outside of the Washington fish bowl comes to mind as first in line as to who or what is to blame for the ascendancy of his candidacy.

Donald Trump is the ultimate outsider. He’s never been elected to any position. He’s promised to fix everything, after all he is a builder.

The media comes next in line of responsibility. His candidacy offered the media great ratings, and their focus on him to the exclusion of his rivals gave him a marked advantage. Each news cycle is dominated by what is happening with the Donald. What outrageous thing has he said lately and who has he insulted became the focus of the media’s coverage.

Lastly, we only have ourselves to blame. We get the candidates and the leadership that we deserve for the candidates are only a reflection of who we are. As Trump insulted group after group his fans became so enamored with him that he could say anything politically incorrect and they would stand by him. For those who are afraid of strangers and for those who want to blame their plight in life on illegals he became their hero. His economic nationalism drew in followers. His flaming anti-Muslim statements encourage all of those who are afraid of Muslims to follow him. His campaign has as its hallmark the ability to attract the lunatic fringe.  When you add all of this up and his numbers are in the 34 % range. Thirty four percent does not make for a majority, but it is enough to make him the number 1 vote garner in each primary and caucus state.

Now we are likely to see a bandwagon effect where more of the establishment will fall in line, and his nomination will be assured. There was no way you are going to have 2 candidates battling it out. With Cruz and Rubio you have 2 strong candidates, but with each only being able to garner around 20 to 25%. Each of the two candidates are too strong to drop out of the race.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump will be the candidate of the Republican Party. Let the blame game begin!


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