You’ve heard of WrestleMania, well now we have TrumpMania.

With all of the charm of a world wrestling match, people come flocking to a Donald Trump event. The people who attend are caught up in the excitement of a Trump spectacular. Trump will most assuredly have his villains in this drama. Some protester or the members of the press are the villains. You will have your villains who are not there in person. He will please the crowd with his excoriation of Little Mario, or his demeaning of whoever is deemed to be the threat of the moment.

The media has made his candidacy what it is. Ratings are what they cynically sought, and big, really big ratings is what Trump has delivered. The mere mention of the press, is guaranteed to bring a chorus of boos.

Who would think that grown men and women would come to a WrestleMania event, an event which you know is fake? Well, just like WrestleMania thousands of people come to Trump events to be entertained.

Trump is the hero of this drama. He will promise what you want to hear. If you are worried that some illegal immigrant will take your job, Mr. Trump will make you feel better. You can leave your troubles outside. No worries, Trump will build a great wall, a wall that will keep those dangerous illegal aliens out. If you are scared that some ISIS member will come and terrorize you, no worries Trump will make you safe by keeping them out of the country. Job security is an issue for many blue collar workers, he will wave a magic wand and revoke all of those bad trade deals that put you out of work.

Without working up a sweat our man, Donald Trump, will not need to know any wrestling moves. He won’t need to know, for he is Donald J. Trump.

In what is truly the revenge of the blue collar workers, they are coming to a spectacular show near you. His obedient followers of hate and bigotry will be there.  His minions will be there to watch the greatest show on Earth. They will be given assurances that anyone who is not white is not welcome to any of these events.

Donald Trump is who he says he is. You may believe him at your own risk. Just take a breath for a moment and realize that none of this is real.


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