There is a North wind blowing across the land, where the forces of darkness are descending upon the nation. The wind is bone chilling and the source of the wind is the world according to Trump. Donald J. Trump is the match and alienation is the kindling wood.

Like George Wallace before him, Trump uses the alienation of white voters who feel used and abused to ratchet up the fear and gain their votes in the election of 2016. He has carefully used the fear of foreigners and the latent racism of whites to propel his candidacy to where he will most likely become the Republican nominee.

It is time to stop being politically correct for one moment and tell it like it is. There is a backlash of white voters who have never been happy with the fact that we have elected a black President. Trump was a birther who denied the legitimacy of President Barrack Obama’s election. There is a deep seated  belief today among many Republicans that no black man can earn the right to be President, but that somehow he must have cheated to become President. It is interesting to note that Trump’s support mirrors the percentage of whites who still believe that President Obama is not one of us.

George Wallace and his popularity, is a black mark on our history. During one of his speeches, Wallace was surprised one evening by the effect of one of his speeches. He said, ‘Little pinkos’, were outside protesting his speech. “When you start marching and demonstrating and carrying signs we will close every highway in the country.” Many in the crowd moved towards the exits as they were going to do as he suggested. Wallace then stopped the crowd. His message was to stop integration and his message so resonated that he won 5 states and 10 million votes. He campaigned in 1972 as well, and his appeal had grown. Before the assassination attempt he had won every county in Florida during their primary. Even after his assassination attempt where he was paralyzed, he won the democratic primaries in Michigan and Maryland.

Donald Trump has taken the low road of political expediency in championing a similar audience. He has added to what Wallace did by adding a fear of illegal immigrants and Muslims. He has even ridiculed people who have a disability.

These are dark days for America, where the leading candidate for the Republican Party represents the most base and ugly instincts of the very worst in us. Trump reminds one of a poor mans Hitler. There is nothing positive about his campaign. His campaign is all about negativity, while wrapping his campaign in the slogan of making America Great, Again.

To paraphrase a colonial American, this is not the time for sunshine patriots. We need every American to disavow the partisanship of old and do what is right for the nation. We need to stand up and be heard at the ballot box and vote for anyone other than Donald Trump for President.


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