There is much to be loved about a Bernie Sanders candidacy. He has highlighted a laundry list of things that our country needs to address and correct. After all, who can disagree with the notion that life is unfair and that the deck is stacked against us? The American people need a raise. Citizens United needs to be repealed. Climate change is the critical issue for our generation. Income inequality is an important issue that has to be addressed. The list goes on!

Both he and Hillary Clinton want to deal with these issues but they differ on how to do it. But and it is a big but, there are two aspects of his campaign that bothers me that I would like to address and if I can gently chide him for it.

There is one unique fact regarding his campaign that he takes advantage of like a hammer and that is that he does not take money from any large donors  and that he is independent of the system. It is easier for a Senator from the Great state of Vermont to be independent. To be an independent voice for the people from the very small state of Vermont is quite possible even in this day and age. I can remember a time when Claude Aiken, a senator from the same state, could brag that he had met every citizen and that his campaign only cost him under a thousand dollars. If you are from Vermont it comes with distinct advantages that allows you if you choose to be free from what a normal politician in America has to go through to be elected.

Now he, Bernie Sanders likes to criticize Hillary Clinton for being beholden to Wall Street. He continues to rail against her for taking contributions from big donors. Well, Senator Sanders this is an unfair criticism. Although true, after all she has accepted contributions from her constituents. But Mr. Sanders, Wall Street is her constituent. Can you imagine running for office in New York and not accepting these awful contributions? Or better yet can you imagine any other candidate in America who has not received campaign contributions of this type. What are you asking her to do, refuse campaign contributions? This is all a red herring, because of your particular situation that allowed you to be independent.

Here you are a Senator from Vermont who has been able to not be part of the system you so correctly criticize but to expect everyone else to be able to be so independent is unrealistic and darn right unfair. Our system is what it is and we do need campaign finance legislation. But hold on, we can not get any reform because of Citizens United. And the only way, quite frankly, that we are going to repeal Citizens United is by changing who is on the Supreme Court.

My other complaint is about having a political revolution. I would hope that it is clear that this revolution should be a peaceful revolution. Perhaps you should define what that means in a thorough and meaningful way so that is more than a slogan.

Are you articulating and advocating for a class war between the rich and the rest of us or are you asking for a re-balancing of the society to where the people are the ones from which liberty comes from, and the more well to do are in there rightful place not above or below the rest of us.

I wonder and I am concerned about the anger that you are drumming up against the oligarchs. Is the argument like the French revolution, you know, off with their heads. Those evil doers on Wall Street need to be done away with. Or are we talking about managing Wall Streets greed a la Franklin Roosevelt.

Are you going to or even be able to talk to those you vilify or are you just going to put them in their place?

Well, Senator Bernie Sanders my heart is with you, and my brain is with Hillary Clinton. Convince me!!!




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