Donald Trump has a nuclear problem. While most candidates know not to openly talk about using nuclear weapons, Donald Trump broke the cardinal rule of politics by intimating that he would not take the use of using nuclear weapons off the table. Either he has not thought through the issue or he has and he would still consider using nuclear weapons.

Perhaps he believes that in the art of the deal, he feels he could use nuclear blackmail. Maybe, just maybe, he admires Putin because he is ruthless and would more than likely be tempted to use nuclear blackmail as a tactic. Trump’s reckless attitude towards nuclear weapons disqualifies him from ever being President of the United States.

In the history of American politics, Barry Goldwater, mentioned using nuclear weapons in Vietnam. Before you knew it, Lyndon Johnson used the Daisy commercial only once, to scare the hell out of the American people by indicating that Goldwater was too dangerous to be President. The mushroom cloud became the symbol of what life with a Goldwater candidacy would be like. Lyndon Johnson won the election, 61 to 39% .

We are the only ones to ever use a nuclear weapon. We unleashed the horrible consequences of what life would be like after a nuclear attack. Too many years have passed since that awful day when we did use the real weapon of mass destruction. Maybe too many years have passed and we have forgotten how awful that weapon is.

The world depends on the United States to be the sober and thoughtful leader of the free world. The world shudders at the thought of a Donald Trump presidency. You never know what you are going to get from one day to the next with Trump. The world needs stability, not another crazy person with this finger far too close to the nuclear button.


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