This campaign for President has seen political correctness become something to look down at, something to be mocked and trivialized. The fact is that the race to the White House has given us a level of Political incorrectness that has only succeeded in given us rude and crude behavior unbecoming of the dignity of the office of President of the United States. The civil discourse that we have grown to expect has been lacking.

This campaign will go down as a down and dirty affair, not something that we should be proud of. A certain type of attack in politics have always been considered off limits. One never attacked the children of your opponent nor ones wife or husband. Nor has the topic of ones private parts come up for discussion in prior campaigns for the most part.

On occasion we have stooped into the deep muddy of personal attacks.  There was a famous example of such behavior, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt complained that his campaign had been a rough one and that his opponents had even gone as far as to attack his dog,  Fala. And of course, Fala did not like it very much.

This year’s campaign might be an anomaly, a once in a life time affair, where the campaign has devolved into a spitting contest.

I must admit to missing a greater degree of civility in our political discourse. You lose the importance of the issues if the campaign becomes a contest of insults. Perhaps when Donald Trump is not a candidate we will return to the day when we respected our opponents enough to not insult them or their spouses.

This lack of political correctness and the ugliness and vulgarity of it really came home to roost when our President’s daughter was insulted when Fox News announced that Malia was going to Harvard. The response on twitter was disgusting, with all kinds of vile comments being made regarding her race. A certain sense of respect and decorum should be kept and maintained. There is no place in politics or in our daily lives for these kind of insults.

It is with a sense of hope that our society returns to a time when political correctness is just plain good manners, and that we keep our bad thoughts to ourselves.


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