I have been a political junkie since I was a child. For the most part each presidential election has been a battle over ideas and personalities. Never, ever have I witnessed such ugliness as I have seen in this campaign of 2016. Political incorrectness is the result. To put it more succinctly it has been a campaign beset by rudeness and crudeness, with little respect shown for the usual decorum. We are the losers, we the voters should be disgusted by this display of vulgarity, ugliness and violence. It is all an embarrassment and a disappointment and darn right depressing.

Under the guise of not being politically correct our campaign has devolved into what is a disgrace. Instead of talking about the issues of the day, which are enormous in their seriousness and their scope, we are left to gasp about the size of ones private parts and the violence and ugliness that we saw in Nevada over the weekend of May the 15th.

There is no excuse for what we have seen. You can cry about the rules and disagree about the results but leave out the throwing of chairs or the use of certain words that are said in public that should not be said even in private. We have seen one candidate bait the audience into using intimidation and violence to silence dissent or to threaten people of color. We have seen rude and ugly behavior in response to icons such as John Lewis. Just because you disagree with someone does not mean that you can talk to anyone the way the Sanders people spoke to the Honorable John Lewis.

It is difficult indeed to find good candidates to run for office. But who would want to put yourself out there to face such actions. Our political discourse should be over ideas and whose vision is the proper one for our country. The political stage is now open to too many extremists with the rest of us feeling as if we should stay home in the safety of our personal retreats. I welcome the return of political correctness!!!



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